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True, we had to spend 4 days in a hotel, I even paid for the room.
They wanted to just spend time together.
Oleg paused.

– And who are you going to spend the weekend with? “With Bars and a bottle of champagne,” Anna said bitterly in her voice.
– The company is a strong and independent woman? – Oleg smiled and was embarrassed.
You can’t be so rude! The entire office knew about the problems in Anna’s personal life and everyone sympathized with her.
Five years ago, a beautiful, brilliant employee of an international company and just a good man, Anya, together with her fiance Nikolai, had an accident.
The main blow fell on the place where the girl was sitting and it took almost 2 hours to remove her crippled body.
As she survived, it is known only to higher forces, but as a result of the catastrophe, Anna received severe injuries to the pelvic organs and remained fruitless forever.
After that, Nikolay quietly, but very quickly disappeared from the life of the girl, while other men were afraid to associate their lives with the seemingly inaccessible beauty.
“If I believed in the evil eye, I would have thought that all the gypsies of this world had corrupted me,” Anna herself spoke with sad irony.
However, the failures in his personal life were more than offset by the gorgeous appearance of the girl.
She was almost seventy meters tall, an ashen blonde with enchanting green eyes, she had a gorgeous body, which she cared for with great love.
Interestingly, Anna was not the thin girl we could have imagined.
In contrast, 60 kilograms of weight consisted of perfectly balanced proportions of muscle and fat, which were extremely harmoniously distributed throughout the body.
The bust is 3 sizes, the pumped-up buttocks and the delineated waist with graceful hands and a thin neck – they are said about “it is pleasant to see, and there is something to touch.”

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The only flaw was an inconspicuous scar in the lower abdomen 10 cm long, minimized by plastic surgeons.
During the conversation, they reached a cafe, which was located in the same building as the premises rented for the company’s office.
Oleg thoughtfully watched as Anna was paying for dinner and an unformed thought was turning in his head, which transformed into a completely outlined proposal by the time they approached the table.
– Anh, and let’s meet the New Year together? The boss looked at the subordinate in surprise.
– Oleg, you said that you rented a number for yourself and the girls? – Well, yes, but now I have to go there alone.
I do not want to

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spoil my holiday because of some proshmanovki.
My room is paid for three days, the right to visit the restaurant 4 times a day and, of course, the New Year’s reception.
The bed in the room, however, is single, but wide, divided in half and will normally sleep.
If you are completely shy, I will lie on the floor.
But have fun.
Well? Oleg’s eyes gleamed with joy.
For 2 months of work in the office, he did not make any good friends, and the former remained in London, so he was not going to miss the opportunity to celebrate the onset of the new year with a more or less good friend, especially a female.
Anna thought.
She did not build unnecessary illusions about Oleg, knowing full well that under the influence of alcohol and without unnecessary witnesses, being together in a chic room can quickly turn into something more.
Well, one can only hope that he is not a pervert and not a rapist.
And against her will, the girl barely noticeably smiled.
Cars began to move to the hotel complex sometime after lunch, however, due to a small force majeure at work, Oleg and Anna arrived only at 8 pm.
Both had already been here before, so quickly navigating, the couple went through the registration and took the elevator to the 19th floor, inspecting the city from a bird’s-eye view.
The number did not disappoint them.
A large corridor smoothly passed into the living room the size of a small two-room apartment, from which one door led to the bathroom with a luxurious Jacuzzi bath and a shower enclosed by a glass partition, almost two meters in length.
Next to it was a bedroom, in the center of which is the pride of this room – a smart bed almost 2, 5 meters wide, which easily took young lovers into its arms and, as a rule, did not let go until the end of the holiday.
The young people looked around the apartment and agreed that celebrating any celebration here, including the new year, is better than sitting in a close and orderly bored apartment with a cat and a bottle of carbonated alcohol. Live xxx video clips. Plus size nude model video.

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