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Now there was a green bottleneck between Timkin’s buttocks.
Fedr continued to stick Mishka, looking at how the point was opened every time, when he entered and how it closed with small pops when the member left the rectum.
The scrotum was already burgundy in color and began to swell.

Mishka no longer responded to a member invasion of him, now he started every time Fedr pulled the rope and the scrotum was dangling.
Fyodor’s movements in Mishka began to move faster, he began to quickly push his dick over to the very bottom of the suffering Mishkino point, tugging at the same time with a rope, at last he poured his sperm deep into the Mishka’s intestines.
Slowly, he took out his penis, and, wiping him about the training Mishkins, got to his feet and walked away from his victim, leaving a tight rope on his scrotum.
His friend found the second empty bottle and put it into Mishka with an effort, this time forward with his neck, she did not want to fit in completely and he helped with his knee, and finally the bottle was completely inserted between Mishkin’s buttocks.
From a new attack of pain, Mishka lost consciousness.
– Well, what, Fedya, let’s go on, they said something about their friends.
– The man said.
Two thirteen-year-old boys lay in the forest, among the fir-tree thickets, with beer bottles sticking out of them with ruined holes.

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One of the guys had a torn anus ring and blood continued to trickle from the wounds, between diluted bottle of buttocks to drain to the eggs, to gather droplets on the hair, which had only recently begun

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to grow on the scrotum and drip to the ground.
At the second, the scrotum was tied with a rope, which swelled up and began to turn purple, the rectal muscles kicked out a bottle of centimeters five, droplets of blood began to appear between the glass of the bottle and the skin of the point tightly pressed to each other.
Dear readers! Do not misunderstand me! I do not in any way want to cast a shadow on our hardworking doctors who work hard and selflessly on draft boards.
I was in no way going to detract from the honor and dignity of the military, giving their health and nervous tension during the period of the mass recruiting campaigns! All that is written here is just a fantasy of my inflamed brain.
I could transfer the situation to a fairy-tale state or kingdom in general, but since I still visited the Soviet-style military registration office more than once, I ask you to forgive me for the obvious association of my fantastic speculations with what I actually had to go through in my early life.
It was a hot summer of 1965.
It happened near the park “them.
28 Panfilov Heroes “So, in front of the park there was the then old one-story wooden building of the Officers’ House, around there was a small fenced public garden with a dance floor, and inside the House there was a small cinema.
The large and wide windows of the small lobby looked just at the dance floor.
And then one evening, after dusk, I passed by and saw on that dance floor a weird crowd of young people.
When he came closer and went out of the courtyard out of curiosity, he was even more surprised. Hot gay sex model. Sex livecam.

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