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The wind was playing in her hair, tenderly clinging to her already short skirt, and caressing wet lips from the fountain of the fountain, ingratiatingly.
We stood on one of the highest points of this stupid city and marveled at its nightly exquisite beauty.
She interrupted our light thoughtfulness in a quiet whisper: – Max, why do we need a reflection of the sky? – What do you mean why? – I did not want to break our internal communication with the question “What are you talking about?” and instead I hugged her behind the waist, with my head on her shoulder.

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The feminine nature manifested itself! I pulled the thong on myself, and Irina remained completely naked.
He turned her back to himself, brushed the bouquets of flowers from the coffee table, handed to the actress by the grateful audience, and laid Polesia on the plane of the table.
A magnificent spectacle that I love so much has opened up before me: a woman’s body lying on its face, which by its forms reminds me of some beautiful guitar.

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