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He began to actively push her onto himself, holding her breasts and nipples, adapting the movement of her body to his rhythm.
The combination of strong pain and pleasure in her breasts and a thick dick, breaking into her pussy, finally threw Dasha over the edge of orgasm.
Squeezing her ankles for balance, she began to cum from a member of Ilyas, completely forgetting about the uncomfortable position she was in.

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think that I’m there in my mouth, I look puzzled at the hairy monster on the couch.
It seems, too, slightly confused, looking around, covered with a blanket, and smiling, quietly says: – Hi! “Oh God, it also speaks!” – his words take me out of my stupor.
Burning with shame, I jump as if dumbfounded from the floor and rush to their heels.

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The story looked and sounded like this: “Dasha, give, eh?” , “Yes! Sha!”.
It is a pity that the current Dasha does not follow the example of the modest and in its own chaste heroine of this unpretentious, but instructive anecdote.
If in my humble story some people recognize themselves now, I will be glad.

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