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He then slid off the edge of the sofa, then my ass slid.
In the end, I offered to move to the bed in another room, and he agreed.
I knelt on the bed in the posture of cancer, and he began to slowly insert his hooked member into me, the pain did not go away, but now she was tolerant and it was interesting to feel how you are moving in the anal, it was especially interesting to feel like his cock stiffens in me when I squeeze the sphincter ring.

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Natalka, fearfully listening to the voices from the next room, quickly unbuttoned her pants and swallowed a member that had not yet risen.
A second later, the member was in full combat readiness.
The neighbor wanted to lean on top, but Natalka, in a sober mind, pulled on a mini-bikini and a jumper, went to the door, listened.

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