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We cannot even agree on trivialities, let alone develop a strategy! This is a crash! The final failure, Venia! Everything! Do you understand? Everything!! Suddenly, tears came to his eyes and poured hail.
They rolled down the cheeks and flowed nasty down the neck, by the collar.
Tears prevented me from seeing.

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When I once did an internship at my home institute, fate dragged me to a medical examination, where newly appeared students (just enrolled) had to undergo this same physical examination, and I somehow “help” (I didn’t know how or who ).
– I am from the commission of the reception, I was sent to you, in 301 rooms.
– Oh, it’s you, come through, please, pass, pass !.

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to this was added excitement.
But according to

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his wife’s gaze, she was not very frightened, she said, “Seryozh, let’s make love, let her take it off,” and again knelt down and began to suck my already-fallen cock, although he quickly rose.
The Negro shot us, and Lenka sucked me, like I used to and forgot about him.

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Then I untied her legs and took the key from Inna and unlocked the heavy barn lock with the help of which the upper handle of the head of the bed-platform was attached to the lower one.
Lifting a heavy headboard, I took out the head and hands of the prisoner.
I was hoping to see – confusion, emaciation, depression and downtroddenness in the face that appeared.

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