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Are you happy whore? ”“ Yes, my lord, whore is happy that she could please my host ”“ Okay, good, and now crawl here and open your damn mouth to me, I need a sperm receiver ”I crawled and opened my mouth, he fucked my mouth and finished.
“Let’s go home cunt, maybe you’re lucky and on the way you still fuck you – I crawled to the door, Anton turned to Victor – if you want, I will bring her in a week and you will stretch her holes again” Victor smiled “Bring at least every day, This bitch should be fucked 24 hours a day. ”They laughed and went outside.
Anton pull the leash, I got up and went after him.

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You laughed! We didn’t sleep the whole night, you touched me, kissed me, and for a moment when we lay embracing (you were on top of me) said: “I love you – it sounded quiet, but I heard it, for some reason This moment I did not believe you.
I can not explain why but this is true.
After a while I confessed to you in love and what? now there is confusion in me, I cannot understand what I need and what I really want! On this night, we felt the taste of each other caressing in the most secret places.

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Well-groomed, beautiful, expensively dressed, she kept herself detached and apart from the rest, moving rhythmically and beautifully to music.
The shoes, definitely very expensive, glittered, reflecting the light of the spotlights.
But the hell with them, shoes – the most interesting began above: my eyes slowly rose upwards, tracing the infinitely long, slender legs, dressed in dark tights.

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