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Came out of the bus gently holding hands.
Alice was already accustomed to seeing all the passing men staring at her, and even asked herself to go to the stall and buy a chupa chups, which I did.
All the distance from the stop to the apartment, she was truly a whore.

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Tell me to begin with: are you at least single? Well, now do not unscrew and you must marry.
We celebrate New Year and we drink New Year.
We will play the wedding right here, drink and sing together! But first dance them, our dear young! At this moment, the Snow Maiden dragged the song “A Christmas tree was born in the Forest”, showed the others with signs to help sing, and began to spin with a confused young man.

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The second woman’s name was Lena, she was a tall, leggy and slightly thin blonde with long hair on her waist.
The chest is somewhere of the 2nd size, all in a black sweater with a cutout and a black skirt, and boots with heels on her legs.
I quickly cast a woman around with eyes trying to understand that this pot-bellied, dirty meter with a cap did not go well. Squirt cam tube. Peter had just fucked such a beauty on his second floor.

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I could not stand it: “What is your last name? and why in this form in the classroom? Tomorrow I wait for the lessons shaved, washed, in the appropriate form! “” Kuzmin “- he answered mockingly.
The class gnawed, I flushed, but held it, suddenly becoming a surprised look.
After the lessons the girls lingered near me, we quickly found a common language with them.

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The game captured me, and for better reality I watered the battlefield with kerosene and set fire to it from time to time.
The tanks from the boxes burned brighter as they were filled, they were gray from matches – as a result, the game inspired me so much that I didn’t notice how the dry grass that had grown along the banks of the pond caught fire.
I did not notice how the fire spread to the nearest fence, made of dry slab, and only the crackling of the sticks burning in the fire distracted me from the battle in the fictional little world.

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