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She complains about you.
He says that you stopped loving her completely, and you almost never fucked! For a week only two – three times, just kidding, tormenting the whole! Why have you become so tortured? She is so starving, poor! Have pity on her! Brought already, bastard, to the point that she came to me all in tears! Can you imagine what the girl brought to – she, through shame herself, asked this from me, from her father! My dear, he says, there is no strength to endure anymore, but to walk by other peasants is such a shame! Get through with me! I lowered my eyes and flushed.
What the father-in-law talked about with me took me by surprise.

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You meekly surrender to these movements, cover your eyelids and move towards each touch.
I can’t bear it anymore, I dig a kiss into your beautiful lips, hold you and caress you until my head starts spinning from kisses and mad desire.
Turning you to face the table, I make you lean over and lean on his hands.

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She finished two times.
On the third, we ended up with her, I’m right into her! Then she got on her knees, sucked a member more, I finished and we began to gather.
I was shocked! Arriving home, ran to the bathroom, remembered lived! Then we did this for 2 more years, almost every day, in 507 audiences, until I was expelled! Here I had such Innochka;)

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After this, her long silence followed, but she invariably answered my calls, and this made me feel proud.
I saw that she attached to me, even too much, and it strained.
Several times in a hidden form, I tried to hint that it would be worth learning how to “quickly squeeze”, but she did not understand and was offended.

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To get home on weekends or holidays is far away, and in the village itself, although the main population is women, they are all of rather mature age.
The men were in the village, but they were mostly grandparents under 80 years old, and a few sick people who survived due to the fact that, according to their health, they could not use a potion of local production, where it flowed like a river, exceeding milk yield.
Upon arrival, I was provided with an office and in it a room converted from the pantry.

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She realized that she was packed in a bag or bag.
She squealed under the gag of what was strength, desperately trying to escape from the relentless grip of the belts, but at the same second her ass burned with a strong slap.
She was silent from the pain and surprise – and after that she felt the stranger’s head bowed over her ear.

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