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This is their purely girlish conversations in which I never climbed in order to preserve my psyche.
Sveta only said that Marinka appreciated and liked the idea.
On that day, I knew beforehand that sex would not work, because Sveta had a sister at home and my parents were.

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But they were disappointed.
At best, they could only know exactly what color the panties are on me today.
I thought that the history of my school disgrace was successfully forgotten and was overgrown, but it seems that it has already become a tradition – to remember it every time at a meeting of graduates, bringing me to shy embarrassment and reddened cheeks.

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Part of her plan, that the panties will hold the mass of feces – collapsed, and now, it seems, the fecal masses will start to run free.
But, fortunately, after a few seconds, Michelle began to feel the emptiness inside herself, and the last batch of feces found a place for herself outside the beautiful ass, but inside the whites there was once a pair of panties.
Her stormy orgasm was also ending, and she had to pull herself together, since she was still to go down to the bike.

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