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All this was both beautiful and painful for me, my dick stood almost uninterruptedly, he asked for freedom, demanded that he caressed him.
This young beauty was just obsessed with sex, nothing stopped her, neither that I was married, nor that we were not alone in the room, with every gesture, every word she offered herself.
Naturally, I could not stand it for a long time, and at the end of the second day she was already sitting on my lap, we were kissing, and my hands wandered freely over her body.

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And on the other hand, in spite of everything that happened, I still wanted everything to remain the same.
The next day, Ada came to our home before her mother.
As a talented psychologist, she quickly pulled out of me the essence of our yesterday’s altercation with her mother.

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seduced me – now you will be just as green and ugly, and you will never wash yourself! Never! Never! And strangling me in the arms.
Well, it was fate, they say! Then I told her: if you hadn’t rushed to the words – “everything, they say, never come back” – that painter wouldn’t have

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thrown his bucket on you.
I’ll tell you so, young man: God is! Because who didn’t let her out of my yard then? And who did not let her in Sukhumi? BUT? tell me? Embraced, smeared like devils, in this green stuff from head to toe – and ran into the bath.

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