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! She nodded.

– Pofistinguy mother, son! – encouraged father.
Timka began to make frictions by hand, back and forth.
– Aaaaayyy.
AAA! – began to moan mother.
– Not so deep, son oooooochok! MilenkoIyyyyy! Timka stopped.
He came up with the first idea for tonight.
Without taking his hands out of the vagina, he introduced there and his penis.
Placing the member inside, he squeezed it there with a hand and, as in normal masturbation, began to move it back and forth in a squeezed hand.
Shooting was not long in coming.
And the mother’s vagina was filled with sperm of his own son.
Timka pulled his hand with a member at the same time.
Mother cried a little and buried herself in the pillow.
– On! Take it Will help! Said the father, stretching the bottle of “Old Miller” to his son.
Timka already, like a seasoned man, smeared the bottom of the bottle with lubricant and began to introduce the mother.
She entered it almost completely.
From the outside, only two centimeters of the neck protruded.
Timka tried to push the remaining two centimeters, but his mother suddenly groaned: – AAAaaayyyyy! Uterus pushing already! – And you bend as you can! – commanded the father.

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Mother raised herself in her arms and arched her back.
Her stomach lay on the sofa completely.
– Here! Let your son enjoy! Take it completely! Push – He turned to his son.
Timka did not even push.
The bottle itself climbed inside.
– Now stand like that! – He ordered his mother, and he took out one of the adult toys.
As I later learned, it was the mirror of Cuzco No. 3, brought, by the way, from the same GDR.
His father inserted it into his mother’s vagina and began to expand it.
He expanded it to a maximum horizontally and, in addition, with his hand lifted the vagina up.
– Well look! How do you like razmerchik mothers? – He asked, holding the vagina open.
– No words, dad! – exclaimed Timka.
– See the bottle? – Yes! Fuck yourself! The whole climbed! – Now you understand how it stretches during childbirth? – Yeah! It is something! – Tim was delighted.
– Now we remove the mirror.
Here is a sooooo.
Come on! Give birth, dear! Push! Mother has become strained.
At first it seemed the neck of the bottle.

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Then the body came out and, after another attempt, the mother “gave birth” to the rest of the bottle.
– Bravo! – shouted his father and kissed his mother.
Then both of them long and gently kissed and caressed the mother.
They fell asleep late at night.
In the morning, my father hastily gathered and, after kissing his wife and hugging his son, he left for the training camp.
But he was calm, leaving his mother in safe hands.
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