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Maybe a kilometer on the ground to drag! And for one, the hair is like an erogenous zone, when it is so blistered, the slave already flows with bubbles of delight.
Urfina, by the way, also drags her hair.
And each other’s slaves also use their hands.

– Madame speaks to me indifferently.
Everyone has their own cockroaches in their heads! They found each other on a big planet! – I answer.
– Can untie this unfortunate, even odybatsya? Never go into someone else’s game! You’ll break the whole buzz and he – the first! Defender found! Slave solidarity leapt? Bring us some more kebabs! How’s the wine? Mmmm.
Good luck, sorry for you.
can not be driving.
I go to the grill, stop at the open door of the trailer.
There, the lady on the table turned Ellie by the hair in an arc and fucked her in front, then in the ass, whipping a whip.
In the mouth of a slave – a mouthpiece.
Both are already soaked from the session.
I bring barbecue, pour wine, we continue to communicate lazily.
The trees are already falling shadows, evening is approaching.
The ladies and Ellie fall out of the trailer, the slave slams her head into the bushes under the powerful kicks on all fours, the last whip strikes at the retracted rear end.
The lady unties the slave, he falls into the grass, she comes to our table wet, hot and tired.
Wu, bastard! All the juices from me sucked! Hand already lost! Need to train! Go to the gym.
or change your device to a tougher one with stone or metal inserts.
Your Majesty, it is impossible, as I go somewhere, they fuck like a wound.
Poryu to blood, to meat, all the same as rabbits.
Of course, you are right, they cannot be without permission.
I will somehow find – kill both! And here is our sweetheart woke up! A hefty silver-gray mastino appears from the car, kneading its paws after sleeping, walks over to the Lady, wagging her ass.

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We pet the dog, the flames swell with contentment, the Lady feeds him.
For a long time he can not walk, ticks pick up.
– Tells Gingham.
– This is the only one of mine whom

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I love and do not beat.
And let these creatures even breathe – do not mind! Marsh in the river both, wash and have sex there, maybe even drown.
Urfin with Ellie go to the river.
Ellie, come to me! – Shouts in the trail Lady.
– Completely forgot.
Slave quickly returns.
Without reaching two steps to the Lady, falls to his knees with his mouth open.
The lady, slowly, is attached to her mouth, carries her hands in the crotch and urinates in Ally in portions.
When finished, she slaps her and sends her to the river.
Such are their orders.
We are again discussing the handsome dog.
The lady selflessly describes his canine and sexual virtues.
It turns out that he fucks everybody, in all holes, including the Lady, sperm – with glasses, the slaves take care of him.
So it takes about an hour.
The lady rested and ordered the washed-off Ellie, who, with an innocent air, stands on her knees in front of her, tied the Uorfin to the tree and cook some eastern table.
Urfin noticeably nervous, but the order is an order.
Ally has special Chinese thinnest and very strong needles from silver with a tungsten rod.
They pierce everything without damaging the vessels, only electrical pain at the nerve points, which she did not pierce with them.
Now see.
– Proudly declares Lady.
I don’t really like spectacles like films, such as “Shocking Asia”, where everything is pierced, skin bursts, bloodshed, twisted joints, etc.
, but not to see – you will offend the Lady, and she clearly wants to hit us.
Ellie, washed and brushed with a childish smile with pink fingers, fumbles in a bex on a table next to a tied slave.
Long needles cross the cross piercing Urfin nipples, and then thrust the needle into the tip of the tongue.
There is no blood.
But the slave moans and twitches, the sadist strokes him and even teases and kisses the head of his penis.
Again the needles in the chest muscles, then toothed clothespins on the nipples drawn by the needles, weights, and a wheel with needles on the head and shaft of the penis.
Screams and moans tortured.
Lick the head and wet – again needles, wheel.
Howl, crying.
The head of the penis is successively studded with tiny needles, a microhorse is inserted into the canal and the lumen is bugged.
Oorfene is pale, frantically clinging to a tree trunk, afraid to move.
Ellie licks and sucks his eggs, and with very long needles slowly at an angle through the scrotum pierces them, softened from sucking, one through, but this is not enough and two needles pierce both eggs at once as a skewer.
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