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Wow! – Let’s! Snarled Matt.
He made stunned Candy, still not recovered from her orgasm, get on all fours.
She rested her elbows and knees on the stove bench, spread her legs wide, arched her back, and raised her butt to the opposite.

Matt attached himself to the girl from behind and clasping her ass with his hands, deftly drove Candy’s cock into pussy.
She groaned a little, feeling the hot power penetrating her.
The penis began to rhythmically move back and forth, back and forth.
Matt gladly copulated with this young mulatto.
– Do you like a bitch? – He yelled, getting angry from fucking and grabbing Candy by the hair.
– Answer, curva! – Yes! Still! Ahhh! Still! Deeper! She cried, arching her back.
Matt’s cock with a champion walked in her puss, sweetly sank into the very depths of the vagina and sweetly went back, all glistening from sticky heat, so that right there, dive back into the hot quivering flesh of the vagina.
He fucked her for a long time and with taste.
The girl flowed and flowed juice.
Her moans grew louder and louder.
She felt that she was not far from the next orgasm.
– Come on slut! Do you like it? Like? – Oh yeah! Still! Ebi! Ebi! She screamed.

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Suddenly, without removing the member from Candy’s pussy, Matt, holding the girl under his arms, rolled onto his back.
Mulatto was sitting on top of him.
In this new pose and continued fucking.
Candy, crying out loud with pleasure and delight, jumped on his penis, spreading her legs wide apart and shamelessly lifting them up.
Matt thrust her bottom, holding the girls under the buttocks.
From time to time, putting his hands under her arms, began to squeeze Candy’s tits and pull her nipples with her fingers.
Black and white body glistened with sweat.
Between Candy’s legs, too, everything glistened with sputum.
Matt’s cock all sticky and slippery pierced and pierced into her vagina stretched to the limit.
A few minutes later, without taking out a member and not stopping fucking, Matt turned Candy on his side and found himself on his side behind her back.
She lifted her right leg high up, and Matt poured a member in her stretched chomping pussy.

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The climax was close.
Here, Candy froze for a second.
Then she squealed and pulled back like mad.
The orgasm covered her with a hot sweet wave.
From her squeak, the juice sprinkled.
She almost fainted.
Matt behind her, somehow jerked very strongly, groaned loudly, and the girl felt a hot, sticky jet of sperm spilling out into her vagina.
– Better in my mouth! – exclaimed Candy – Give it to me in the mouth! Matt quickly pulled out of Candy a member, jumped to his feet and, clutching his head with his hand to keep ejaculation, cried: – Get on your knees! Hurry! Candy, still twitching from the orgasm, obeyed. Big dildo hidden camera. Wife orgasm hidden cam.

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