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Temir takes a member with his hand and holds it in my nose.
Shy caress, both of us have not yet understood: it is possible, one way or the other, sinful.

I, without lifting my cheeks from his thigh, move my head closer.
Now he holds the head of the penis on my lips.
I opened my mouth, made a little lips ring and kissed the head of the penis.
Lightly, just touched his lips.
Temir leaves my ass alone, moves my head closer.
Now the whole head of the penis with a trimmed (according to the Muslim custom) foreskin in my mouth.
I care for his tongue.
So we play almost every night.
And where does my husband’s strength come from! By evening, I set a low table for him not in the courtyard, but in summer, I bring a samovar.
When Temir comes, smelling of wind and steppe, I, according to Russian custom, kiss him on the lips, and my husband’s hand is already groping for a string of my trousers.

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One hand movement and my bloomers fall to the floor.
Temir, slowly, takes off my vest and shirt.
And he starts to play with my body, which melts under his hands from pleasure.
Then he sits down to dinner, and I am naked and serve him lamb, pour tea.
A woman is very pleased to show her husband the temptation of his naked body.
Men can not understand how a woman likes to be naked before their loved ones.
If she does not experience pleasure at the same time, then her love is not strong enough.
Temir got fed up and I begin to hastily undress my Kyrgyz.
We stand naked and his member, hero, rests on my stomach.
I wrap his hand around him and look at my husband inquiringly: “can”?
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