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What should she do with him now? Try to negotiate in a good way or immediately resort to threats? Oh, and shook her, despite the fact that she had been preparing for this day for the past four years! The sight of blood on his face was not pleasant to her and distracted.
Squatting down and placing a backpack on the floor, she pulled out wet wipes and, without taking her eyes off the vampire’s chained hands, slowly approached and touched his face with a napkin.
Nothing has happened.

Well – perhaps it is better to first try to negotiate with him in a good way.
She gently wiped the blood and froze, admiring its beauty.
There were legends about the sexual attractiveness of vampires, which is not surprising, because they only turned out the best of the best, only those to whom they could not remain indifferent, and someone rarely attracted them.
hopelessly rare.
That is why their number is so small that no sensible person will believe in their existence unless they themselves come into contact with their true nature.
Only here they just did not leave witnesses, as well as proofs.
Looking at this beautiful young man of twenty-five, as if descended from the cover of a glossy magazine, she could not believe that he could mercilessly suck out all her blood and calmly get rid of her body so that it would never be found.
A chill ran down her back, but for some reason, despite the fear, she could not tear her eyes away from the beautiful bend of his neck and the trained bare chest. Livejasmin cam to cam. Sister sex brother cam.

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