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A week has passed.
During this time, I felt something turned upside down in me: now I knew exactly what I needed – guys and more !!! As it turned out, my colleague – Dr. Porno cam porn. Zak was also a big fan of male love and the event that came with me (I have in mind your sex with prisoner Paul) was organized by him.
Paul was a “gifted” guy who “gave” to everyone, and, according to Zack, a good half of the prison administration went through his dick, not to mention the

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The next time I was on duty, I was again on the same shift as guard Julio.
It was a tight Latinos, the owner of a strongly swung body, which he was very proud of – his shirt was tightly wrapped around his powerful arms, chest and back, and his pants were tight on a well-fed muscular ass.
During the morning check, he injured his arm and, taking advantage of the fact that all the prisoners were on a walk, came to me.
I quickly processed his hand – the wound was shallow and bandaged it.
Julio was sitting next to me, through thin summer trousers a rather big member, pressed against his left leg, clearly showed through.
“Igor, I want you to suck me off,” he suddenly told me.
“I saw what you did in the cell with the prisoner.”
– Damn, well, that’s a bastard, – I thought, undoing the zipper on his pants.
Julio spread his legs in a cheeky way, with his hands behind his head and forcing his shirt unbuttoned to the navel to expose his gorgeous, tanned chest.

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– Well? Let’s start, eh? – I said, got up and began to unbutton his shirt.
– Slow down! – The guard stopped me and, getting up, he began to unbutton his buttons on my Hawaiian, then slowly pulled it off his shoulders, exposing his tanned torso.
Lying his lips to his shoulders, he passionately, with a hickey, kissed a hot body, then walked a wet rough tongue over his shoulders, chest arch, kissed the nipple and sucked it.
My hands were hot on the body of the mulatto, stroking his sides, the embossed press, and his steep shoulders.
My dick flared, swelling and itching, bursting up tight melting and forcing them to pop out from behind the bermuda belt.
The hot hands of the guard gently and voluptuously stroked my thighs, pulled off my shorts along with the swimming trunks, then untied the laces on the sneakers, blew off and pulled my socks off, forcing me to stand barefoot on a worn carpet.
I knelt in front of the guy, kissed his cock, feeling him vibrate in response, kissed him again, moving his flesh from his head with his lips and sucked it into himself, forcing Julio to choke on sensations.
My lips tightly clasped the sensitive flesh of the mulatto, his tongue tightly twisted around his head, causing the guy’s body to writhe in sweet flour.
That sucking the member deeper and deeper, swallowing it right up to the root, then pushing it out again, I brought the guy to the point that he could not stand still, writhing, wriggling with his whole body and peretaptyvayas from foot to foot, clutching with both hands in shelves and squinting what was the strength.
A member of Julio seemed to explode, waves of unprecedented ecstasy swept through the body of a Latinos, hard and tightly firing hot and biting jets into my mouth, which was widely substituted by me. Homemade hidden cam bbw black booty sex. Homemade spy cam sex.

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