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“not a human!” Horror threw Masha in the sweat, sticky and nasty.
Bearded, feeling the change, pulled away from her clitoris, and rose, leaning on Masha with his whole body.

It was still a man, huge, wide, irresistible strong.
Spread her hips even wider his body overgrown with thick hair.
Masha met her eyes full of horror and remorse.
Stag was smiling.
His eyes were full of cheerful sparkles, the rays around his eyes radiated self-confidence and strength.
He was not afraid of anything, it was his territory.
In his gray eyes, Masha read the inevitability of the continuation and closed her eyes.
From anticipation? Out of fear? Unknown climbed to Masha on her bed, knocking her up with unnecessary towels, getting comfortable.
She saw the hooves on his feet, and almost fainted from this discovery.
“Damn? These are all fairy tales! Who is this?” The bearded man stopped smiling, crossed his wrists with one of his hands, threw the dress back over her face and hands.
Masha was left alone with her feelings and the fact that now begins.
Rogach, having settled down on Masha, turned out to be much taller than her height, he pressed her crossed arms over her head with a horny forehead, passing the hands between the horns.
He thus freed his hands.
Masha felt how two huge palms squeezed her buttocks, her butt sank in his hands.
His fingers parted her labia from below, and something very hard and blunt rested a vagina into the car.
She made the last attempt to break free, realizing that the penetration of such a member would be difficult.
On the machine, the feeling of its own helplessness and powerlessness,

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the machine’s lower nature reacted treacherously.
Vagina soaked again with hot sweetness.

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And he penetrated.
Masha never encountered a member of such thickness.
Her lips are wrapped around the member, were stretched so that the first sensation of penetration was pain.
His first movement was deep and slow.
The rapist clearly relished him.
The member who was bursting in Masha moved farther and farther into the depths, rested against the back wall of the uterus.
For the first time, it seemed to Masha that the member filled it all up, she moaned, the horned one pulled back his pelvis, releasing the member thickly greased by Masha’s lust.
Pleasure again covered Masha.
“There is no tail.
Damn not mean.
Fawn, this is fawn. ”
Masha guessed when she suddenly remembered the mythology of her resort.
And while the faun fucked her, increasing the pace, frequency and depth of her movements (where could the depth come from?), Masha fragmentary and fragmentary recalled everything she had once read about them.
at school, on the plane.
It seems that nothing terrible was remembered, they recalled the bacchanges, the bacchanalia, Dionysus, wine festivals, the decline of ancient Greece, orgies, and so on.
“Will he ever finish?” But machine nature betrayed her again.
Getting to the beat of his movements with her breath, with her flexibility, with her unremitting passion, she felt the approach of her orgasm.
And his orgasm.
He seemed to be waiting for her to come together.
Their joint orgasm was a new shock.
From her poor experience, she knew that men end up shorter, but the faun turned out to be.
by miracle
The impulses of his cock, which poured into Masha, the streams of sperm, did not stop until Masha finished loudly, not for a moment, causing the orgasm to continue and intensify.
The sperm was just a sea, it filled Masha completely, overflowed her, and with a squish rushed outward along with the extracted member.
“You are welcome.
Enough, please.
Masha prayed no more, but the faun did not understand her Russian.
Stopping, he jumped off, turned Masha around with one jerk across the column; the dress fell back, and she saw it in all its primitive, wild beauty.
Powerful shaggy torso, under which only guessed muscles, even shaggy legs with hoofs, and cast-iron buttocks.
Masha rested for a few seconds.
Exactly as much as it took the faun to grab her ankles with her hands, move her more comfortably, and pierce the still invisible Masha, a huge member who demanded a continuation.
Masha, who had not yet recovered from orgasm, gave herself submissively and almost indifferently.
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