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On the total dark red background, swollen scars appeared clearly.
– Well, rest a bit, and then I will untie you, and finish with a spanking.
– I said, putting a wicker.

– Lesh, you can jerk again a little, if you want.
– No, I had enough.
– Said Alexey.
But his cock said the opposite, standing like a stake.
Alexey did not get dressed, and his handsome man stood on full alert, demonstrating a brilliant prick that was not closing.
– Well as you know.
I went to the kitchen.
When I came to the room, Zhenya had already calmed down and exchanged the impression of a whipping with Alexey and Andrey.
A puddle of sperm gleamed under the bench, apparently Andrei was discharged right before my arrival, and Alexey helped him with this, wiping his hands on his jeans.
– So, are you here, what are you doing? – I asked frantically.
– Getting rid of excess protein.
– Alexey answered.
– And you are helping them in this.
– Well, you haven’t untied them yet, but Andrei already had a member torn by pressure, I just pulled it a couple of times and he finished, I got my hands dirty.
– Well, of course, you smeared him all over with sperm, and he poured his

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hands on you.
– I replied.
– Okay, let’s tie, kettle boils.
I untied the guys, they went to the shower.
I with Leshka cleaned the room.
I threw the ropes and rods, but left the whip, it may still come in handy.
The guys could not sit, after a shower they defaced, and I put them to sleep in a room where they had recently been flogged.
He himself went to the kitchen, to talk with Alexei.
– Well, how? – I asked.

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– You know, look at the spanking, even better than being flogged.
And it is better both at the same time, when you are whipped, and you see how someone else is whipped.
I did not have enough sensations on my ass, I looked at the guys and imagined how you beat me, and wanted you to put me close and also whip.
From this excitement was just awesome, I finished on them three times in a row and, probably, would have finished more.
The guys thought that I wanted to pull them, at first they became obstinate, began to spin, and then, when I explained everything to them, they did not object.
– Well, what do you think Zhenka liked? – No, he didn’t know what he was going for and when he realized that he didn’t decide anything here, the sour was final.
But Andrew masochist, if I did not help him, he would have burst his penis, I just touched the bridle, so he cum immediately.
You know, it is unusual when you touch someone else’s member, I’m already used to my own member, and he’s got some kind of hilly one, and some kind of fat one, and he’s looked the same from mine.
Alexey has long shared with me his impressions of what he saw, told how he learned to masturbate, how once his mother caught up with this case, how he justified himself.
The guys slept for three hours, during which time their asses calmed down, but they had not yet decided to sit.
They wanted to eat, as if they had not been fed for ten days and had eaten while standing.
Zhenya did not utter words, but Andrei shared his feelings with us and began to persuade me to meet again in a month when his buttocks forget this whipping.
I agreed.
To be continued.
The author will be grateful to you if you send your opinion about the story, as well as your thoughts on the further development of the plot.
“I read your script,” said Marina, returning the manuscript to him.
– You were so shy to show it to me in vain – for me there is nothing unusual here, all this is well known to me.
Do not pretend that you are surprised.
“My friends and I often make such things that, compared to this, all you wrote here is just childish pranks.”
Obviously, you have little idea how everything can actually happen, and you never really experienced it.
– But this is not the most important thing.
I would like to understand how seriously you take this hobby. Watch masters of sex online season 4. Online sex chat anonymous.

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