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She whispers: ahhh! I did not know what I was.
What, I ask – and fuck her, give her a kiss.
You are the best, I say, the most tender, the most wonderful, I adore you.

Here she somehow sighs especially, and says: yes, what is already there, if SO.
And how to cling to me! From that moment it began such that my language just doesn’t turn to tell you that.
Because she spat on all her vibrations, remorse and so on, and so forth – and gave herself to me so that I saw the moon and stars, the sun, all of Odessa, and even Ilyichevsk in reality.
I did not see such passion even on drunks in our hostel.
There is a word: “give.”
So: few people can do it.
Because you have to give yourself as a gift, you understand? And Sveta.
She hugged me with arms and legs, she pressed herself so that her bones crunched; she licked me like I was ice cream, and she hadn’t eaten for a hundred thousand years; her tongue crawled into my throat, and it was sweet to death, like nutmeg with honey.
And there, between the legs.
She enveloped my drin, squeezed him, savored it in herself, loved and indifferent him, and I just flowed into her like dew! Yes.
We finished that night — well, not to lie.
four times! Do not let me get out of this chair! And in the morning.
They punctured their eyes – and we see that both are in fuel oil, well, straight from head to toe! And I, and she, and the whole bed, and even a piece of the wall.
And all because on the way to the bedroom they hooked the oil on her dress.
We run to the bathroom, – and there.
And there!.
Well, of course – there is no hot water! Usual Odessa history.
And then she became sad.
Pogrustnev – darkened.
She began to cry.
He looks at me, says: it was a mistake, so it is impossible.
You just drank, said, and it seemed to you that you love me.

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And I did not know what I was.
I thought I was clean, true.
Forgive me, says, – I must leave.
I betrayed Givi, but I will atone, he says, I will be cleansed.
Imagine? Gives me such monologues, and at the very eye on the half-muzzle, and drips from them, as from a tap in my kitchen.
Got into my shirt, pants, rolled up to their knees.
Gone! As it was – smeared, grimy, fitter fixer.
Forbidden to accompany.
Banned to look for her.
And I.
What can I say about me! I told her only: you will come back.
Very soon.
No, he says.
Will not come back.
Like this.
So what? Do you think the story ended there? Admit it: think? All cry, chuivstvo flow like water, and all right so sublimely sad, like books, right? But you forgot the main thing, my young friend! And most importantly – the fact that all this was – where? That’s right: in Odessa.
And in Odessa does not happen, like books.
In Odessa, is only in Odessa.
Gone is she.
And I stand.
Post by post.
I look in front of me in the mirror, and I see, I apologize, a naked, grimy idiot.
You’re an idiot, I tell him.
Such an idiot like you, I say, is worthy of only spoiling the toilet.
Go to your tattered toilet, empty your intestines, you

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are good for nothing else, I say.
And went.
I sit on the toilet – and it climbs out of me, I apologize, as if from an elephant.
I have been an impressionable since childhood.
And here – at the most, as they say, crucial moment.
doorbell! I jumped – so much so that I almost lost, I’m sorry, the product.
I know, I firmly believe that this or a neighbor, Zoya Abramovna, is asking for potatoes, or a neighbor, Gosha Zilberman, is asking for a bicycle, or someone else is asking for something.
I know, but I still think: “This is SHE has returned!” I turned around, you know, with a twinkle — I merge my good, tug my uniform, I mean cowards, run to the door.
And there.
And there!.
Well, who do you think? BUT? Do you think she is thin, delicate, golden-haired SHE, beautiful, like a fleeting vision? BUT? Bad think, my young friend! You still forget that you are in Odessa! Because there was a monster, which I have not yet seen.
You understand? Green, smelly, brilliant.
so even with horns.
AAAAA !!! – I scream.
“That’s green,” I think.
“Now everything is right.
Now everything is as it should.
But I’m already sober like? ”And the monster said to me: You were right.
I’m back.
I stand with my mouth open and look at it.
And she is on me.
And then we started to laugh! And how she threw herself on my neck, how she began to butt me with her green head, peremazyvat me, and sentence: here you, here you, here! Pornstar live sex chat.

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