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By morning, Anya realized that she would return from the club with bags under her eyes, and her client.
her lover
he was squeezed like a lemon.

The next day, she had a meeting with Larisa.
At two in the afternoon – I had to sleep after that night.
Despite all the cosmetics, Larisa noticed the bags and, quite smiling, suggested that the client had left completely happy.
“You guessed it,” answered Anya.
– He is really happy now.
And I would like to take a break from work.
– Oh, of course, my girl.
You know, I do not call you so often, simply.
-Just a customer fuse me and you knew that, right? Larisa looked down.
“Nonsense, honey,” she replied measuredly.
– I do not know how to guess their desires.
I can only assume and not always.
-But this time, she guessed well.
You earned it well by selling me.
– Anya raised her hand.
– I’m not mad at you.
But don’t call me anymore, please, I have other concerns now.
Anya got up and as usual said goodbye to Larisa, hugging her and kissing her passionately.
Then she left without listening to anything that Larissa began to explain to her. Webcam nude in public. Spy cam beach nude.

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