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In general, when we packed our bags and were about to leave for the station, I secretly took Dasha and threw a bag with all and all of her bathing suits and swimming trunks out of the suitcase.
And, of course, was silent.
And inside was trembling all over – what would come of it? And we drove to the eastern coast of the Crimea – to such a quiet place where there is no infrastructure, no tourists, nothing — only sea, salt and silence.

There was a forgotten hostel there by God, well, we were recommended to her, but last time we were horrified by hordes of tourists who were embarrassing Dasha, and she was embarrassed to kiss me.
Well, we arrived – and of course, the missing was immediately revealed.
I arranged it so that in a hurry Dasha forgot to fold the bag with bathing suits, and Dasha herself was sure of it – but she was very upset, even shed a little cry.
I consoled her, said, “Nothing, we will buy here,” knowing from friends that we will not buy anything.
So it turned out.
In general, it turned out what I wanted: Dasha came to swim in the sea without a single bathing pair! Well, I, of course, slowly began to rub in that, they say, nothing terrible, there are few people here (and it was so), we will move to a secluded corner, good, the beach stretches for tens of kilometers, and there you will lie naked, and tan evenly .
Dashutka didn’t want to hear about it at first, at first she was rushing to go home, but the sea was splashing so seductively, and the sun, and the breeze, and such a buzz from the south.
I didn’t say anything to her, but only led her to the sticks, made her take off her shoes, and we walked barefoot through the waves, then I began to take a picture of her.
In general, Dasha very quickly decided to leave 🙂 and decided to swim in the pair of linen that was on her.

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It was my gift – lace panties and a bra, very transparent and exciting.
Then I began to convince her that in such a lingerie it is indecent to show off – “what are you, it’s laced, what good, they will think that you are one of them.
“Dashka’s eyes were already dark with this thought, and again tears appeared.
She really wanted to rather plop – in some water.
And the sun was already setting.
And I again began to convince her that it is much more decent to swim completely naked.
Aside, where no one sees.
And I see – Dasha began to listen, to look at me seriously, began to look for a place.
And at the very inside everything freezes – here it is, a victory! Now, now will be IT.
We left for 20 meters from people – I didn’t allow further, said that we don’t need to climb far, an unfamiliar place after all – well, I sat down on the sand and became shaking hands to take off the top at first, and then the bra .
Dasi again had a crimson little face, and she did not allow me to take off her panties, she says “do not.”
I took my own way – “what are you, they’re laced,” but Dasha is in no way.
Sits with bare breasts, in some panties, and is afraid to get up.
Then I jumped up, grabbed her hand – “go swimming!”.
He raised a noise, a cry, began to flirt with her, bully her.
Dasha jumped up and, covering her chest with her hand, ran after me into the water.
We nakupalis to stupefy, and when they began to get out, the sun is almost the village.
And then I looked at the cherished place – at Dashin panties, and they were wet, and they became, like from cellophane – absolutely transparent.
Literally every hair of Dashny fluffy groin was visible, despite the twilight.
I loudly oyknul, showed her there, Dasha looked – she gasped and flopped, sat in the water.
Then I began to inspire her – they say that in shorts, that without them – everything is one, without shorts, even more decent, and so.
And – persuaded: Dasha took off her panties in the water and, glancing at the people, came out of the sea naked! She was very shy, hid behind me, squinted to the side and walked, somehow all huddled inside.
We lay down on the sand, and then I began to kiss her and indulge in every way.
Absolutely uplifting feeling – kissing on the street, in public, naked, absolutely accessible in

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all places wife! And she felt something special – at first she squeezed, and then she relaxed, she dispersed herself and took hold of me in such a way that I thought I could only reach the number. Bongacams queen. Bongacams mmmcamilla.

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