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We cannot even agree on trivialities, let alone develop a strategy! This is a crash! The final failure, Venia! Everything! Do you understand? Everything!! Suddenly, tears came to his eyes and poured hail.
They rolled down the cheeks and flowed nasty down the neck, by the collar.
Tears prevented me from seeing.

Leave now! – I wiped them with my fist and hurriedly muttered: – I will not explain anything.
I do not need your help, damn you.
That car accidentally fell off a cliff.
it was an accident.
Tell it to someone else! You make me believe in ghosts.
What a high conceit !? Why did you get into all this ?.
Yes, your cares! – I screamed and collapsed on the bed with all my might, covering my face with my palms.
I heard Benjamin sigh, then he came up to me and sat down beside me.
I removed my hands from my face and looked at him carefully, turning my eyes from line to line.
He was handsome: wide-open gate, eyes burning in the darkness and strands of hair falling on his forehead.
Stroked my hand.
And then.
I thought I was not lying to the police.
After all, for that matter, you could well be with me that night.
True? – Benjamin went on a whisper and touched my cheek.

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I looked into his eyes, unable to tear myself away from their attracting pool.
His fingers gently and gently touched my skin.
The hand slid on the turtleneck and felt the chest.
I did not mind, just closed my eyes, sighed and moved a little.
He lay down next.
I wove my fingers with his fingers.
We clung to each other without words.
He leisurely kissed me, gently caressing my lips with his.
Kisses were getting hotter, fiercer.
Hot and gentle kissing my neck, he whispered such crazy words, so hot.
He could not breathe.
Something squeezed the chest and breathing pulled out with a barely audible wheeze.
But I was more constrained by my lips, aggressively seeking his lips.
They were constrained by my hands, shamelessly approaching the very center of his masculine power.

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All by myself, I was constraining him: with the scent of my skin, the gleam of my eyes, the correctness of the lines of a semi-naked body.
He buried his face in my shoulder, touching his lips to the pulsing vein on my neck.
His warm breath tickled his skin, half-opened lips catching his earlobe.
I want you, Venia.
– I whispered in his ear.
I already pulled off his shirt, – now that orange lump lay on the carpet.
Hands slipped under a t-shirt, scratching skin with nails, lips looking for his lips.
almost found.
a little overshot.
I pulled his hair and, I kissed a passionate job, having worked in his mouth with his tongue.
My hands closed around his neck, fingers tousled his hair.
I’m hampered by your damn turtleneck.
– Beniamin finally exhaled.
He was dodging in every possible way, pushing the collar of my sweater aside, stroking my neck, barely touching my cheeks and the corners of my lips. Free live teen sex cams. Free private sex rooms.

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