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Are you happy whore? ”“ Yes, my lord, whore is happy that she could please my host ”“ Okay, good, and now crawl here and open your damn mouth to me, I need a sperm receiver ”I crawled and opened my mouth, he fucked my mouth and finished.
“Let’s go home cunt, maybe you’re lucky and on the way you still fuck you – I crawled to the door, Anton turned to Victor – if you want, I will bring her in a week and you will stretch her holes again” Victor smiled “Bring at least every day, This bitch should be fucked 24 hours a day. ”They laughed and went outside.
Anton pull the leash, I got up and went after him.

To be continued.
Sergey looked around in the yard, in front of him he saw a solidly built 7×10 house, to the left was a wooden garage, next to it was a wooden building with windows and a door, chickens were walking in the yard, rightly there was a dog house, a German shepherd was lying next to, not responding to the guests, silently watching them.
– Comrade Colonel, where is my object? – You turn your head to the left, you see, the construction of 3×5, this bath, you need to trim it inside, just like you did the bath to the general, there is material.
Sergey opened the door of the bath, there was a smell of wood inside, some towers were sticking out of the cracks, he went inside, the building was divided into two parts, there was a box with tools on the floor, the wall was laid neatly and neatly folded.
He went into the second half of the bath, in which there was an iron boiler a few packs of tiles, a bag of cement, estimating the amount of work, Sergey left the bath.

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– Well, what can you say? – If you pull up, work for the week.
– Until you make a bath, you will live here, there is a lot of space in the house, take a walk on the river and dip a couple of times. Free live sex movies. The weather is warm and we’ll go to work.
– Allow me to go, I quickly.
– Go ahead, look don’t get lost.
Sergey went outside, walked lightly down the street, on the right side was a new two-storey brick kindergarten, to the left are two five-storey houses.
Going to the place where the two-storied wooden “House of Culture” used to stand, it was not there, on this revenge there was a large “AN-12” decommissioned plane, on which children climbed.
Passing down the ravine through a wooden bridge, he went down to the river, touched the water, the fishermen were not motivated to catch fish with fishing rods, one man shouted to him: – Soldier, do not scare the fish.
He moved away from the grumpy fishermen, undressed and splashed off into the water, the current on the river was strong, and carried him further and further away.
Not far from the shore, children sank in the water, swimming up to the shore, heard a hysterical female cry: – Help !!! The child is drowning, help !!! Sergey looked around, saw a girl who, like a float, then left the cart, then emerged

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, a current demolished a girl in the middle of a river.
Without thinking, he swam behind her, he had only a meter to swim to her, as she disappeared.
Having dived underwater, I saw a girl, her limp, insensible body slowly descended to the bottom of the river.
Sergei grabbed her hair, lifted her to the surface, when the girl’s head was upstairs, he lay on her back with her left hand pressed to his body, slowly swimming towards the shore.
An unconscious, limp body dragged Sergei to the bottom, he quickly dangled his legs, helping with his right hand, slowly sailed to the shore.
Once at a not great depth, he took the girl in his arms and carried him ashore, coming out of the water, laid him carefully on the sand, made artificial respiration, the girl coughed, gradually began to recover. Fenell webcam nude. Webcam sex toys.

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