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You move me faster until I feel you’re ready to cum and you push in me so deep that I’m taking it all in and you’re hot cum bursts down my throat and I swallow it up, I lick off your cock getting every drop, hungry with the passion you ignite in me. Bengali adult video chat.
I suck on your cock until it softens in my mouth; I sit up and look at you.
Your eyes are closed with pleasure but your chest heaves up and down, your eyes open slowly and I lick my lips deliberately, wanting to show you how much I enjoyed that, but you already know. Hot red in a threesome.
You sit up on your elbows and look at me with a smile, sitting up and pushing me on to my back, again.
You lean over me, holding yourself up only so that your weight isn’t on me fully, you come towards me slowly kissing me on the lips so passionately, that I feel my heart swell, my eyes close and I relax into the mattress.

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You move your lips down to my neck, licking down the side in one movement, as I reveal each inch of vulnerable space to you, you move down to my collar bone where your lips trace the outline of the bone softly, down the middle of my torso onto my barely covered chest. Girls for sex.
Your lips devour one breast after the other, one hand always playing with the unoccupied breast, making my nipples stand out under the fabric, your tongue circles around them, over the fabric, in a slow tease, until they are so erect you can squeeze them between your lips nipping at them softly.

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I groan slowly pushing my chest up to your lips, a willing victim to all of your drawn out torture.

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