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But in some strange way, pride in my work overcame my professionalism and I had to come forward to speak.
“You’re wrong.
Sexual pleasure is a far more useful tool.
Desire and anticipation can be stretched out into infinity. Nude sexy blonde strip.
Pain is limited and so are you.
” He turned to face me.
His face was glacial, cruel, beautiful, and marred by a jagged scar down his right cheek.
Grey eyes transfixed me.
“Who are you?” He asked.
an operative.
” “Ah, you are The Operative if I’m not mistaken. Let me treat you like the bitch you are.
I like you, am a specialist.
You may call me The Specialist.
” We sized each other up a moment, his eyes crawling over my hips, lips, tits and ass.
Even the dowdy clothing I’d stolen in my incredible figure was obvious. Katyarose free chat rooms on mobile.
In turn, I looked over his Adonis body, lean and muscled, his hair long and platinum-white, abs so firm I could see them through the dress shirt he wore.

My lustful gaze was interrupted as he suddenly cast his arm downward, a pair of ivory shaped whips dropping from his sleeves; he uncurled them with a flick of his wrists. 1diana random video chat for tablet.
They were somewhere between bullwhip and cat-whip sized, and he cracked one out, forcing me to jump to the side.
Throwing his whole arm into the motion, he shot out the other, wrapping my body up and pulling me to him.
“I’d say you aren’t as tough as you look,” He chuckled, “but you don’t really look tough. Mature interacial videos.
positively supple in fact.
” Emphasizing this, he tugged the whip, bringing my soft body against his firm one.
Even as I work out my little vibe beneath the leather bond, my eyes widened in surprise.
“Why are you carrying three whips? Speed dating for over in chicago. You only have two hands.
” He blinked in confusion, then looked down to where my thigh was making contact with the inside of his thigh, a heavy smirk playing across his face.
“I’m not.
” My eyes widened even more.
“Dear sweet god!” “I suppose I probably am.
” He sneered.

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Shaking away my shock at what was apparently the most monstrous member I’d ever encountered in my life, I arched my back, letting the size and firmness of my chest test the whip that was binding me.

Adding a deep breath, I gave myself enough slack to free the hand that held the vibe.
“Pain is stronger. Jeren blayn gay.
You’re going to spend a long time learning that, Operative.
” I shook my head, flicking the vibe; its tip began to glow, a shaft of light protruding a few inches from it.
“Unfortunately I don’t have a long time. Paratransikov xxx live chat online girl skype.
Luckily, unlike torment, ecstasy is quick!” With these words I wrenched my hand up, jamming the glowing vibe tip against his temple.
My gadget worked perfectly, causing to emit a strangled cry, his face contorting as he dropped to the ground.
“What the Hell?” Said Agent Verant, that beautiful black man groggily.
“something I had the boys in the lab whip up for me, Agent.
” I explained as I untied him.
“His brain just had an orgasm and his body hasn’t had time to catch up yet.
” “Wow!” Said Verant, rubbing his wrists.
“Shouldn’t we kill him?” He asked.
“No time for that.
” I lied, pushing the younger agent out the doorway with me. Hot babes horny broken arrow oklahoma.
As we slipped down the hall, I could hear the shred of fabric; whatever beast lay inside The Specialist’s pants had clearly destroyed its home as he hardened in response to my Climax Knife.

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