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I slowed to allow him to keep pace, I wanted this to last as long as possible.
“Why don’t I fuck your wee’ ass lassie? Would ye’ like that?” Coach McGuire wanted back in on the action.
Anal sex was one more degrading hole I was yet to climb down tonight, but having fucked two guys, sucked three cocks and now being used by the biggest piece of meat I had ever seen. Brandy taylor strip.
My body would succumb to any request.
“Please fuck my tight little ass daddy.
” I begged.
Coach McGuire’s eyes lit up his cock grew even stiffer, “Turn ’round, face Ben, and stick your arse up high, lassie.
” I did as he said without protestation. Fuck grandma clips.
I now rode Ben’s cock cowgirl style, while Coach McGuire knelt behind me.

Ben grabbed my tie, and held up my waist before pulling me in for a lustful kiss, and lifting his hips into me and pushing his cock in and out of me. Free sex chat sites with no credit cards.
While Ben was fucking me, Coach McGuire positioned his lips at my most private part.
He flicked his tongue against my tight pink hole, causing yet another tone of moans to escape my voice.
He then began to lick my ass with increasing vigour, all while Ben drilled his cock into me from below. Bras and matures.
I laid down on Ben’s muscular body, with my back arched to allow both Ben and Coach McGuire ample access to both my holes.

I closed my eyes and bit my lip in pure ecstasy, the sensations were unlike anything I had ever experienced. Erotic puffy nippl es.
Suddenly, Coach McGuire pulled his tongue away from my asshole and replaced it with the pressing sensation of his throbbing cock.
Ben stopped fucking me to allow Coach McGuire to join in.

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