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I wrapped my arms around him and breathed him in one last time, just to be sure that I really was awake.
He kissed away my salty tears and brought his mouth to mine.
All of the love and passion and lust was felt in that one kiss. Nola hotflirty.
Once I had calmed myself enough, I said yes.
Actually, I think I said yes about six or seven times, I can’t really remember.
He pulled a beautiful diamond ring from his duffel bag and slipped it on the third finger of my left hand, bashfully admitting that my house was the second stop he had made once he landed on U.

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I guess it was a good thing we decided to get married, since we conceived our son that magical afternoon that he came home.
We married two weeks later in a small ceremony with out closest friends and family, right under that old weeping willow tree where we played together as kids.

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Sometimes dreams really do come true, if you’re lucky enough to find a lover in your best friend.
Disclaimer All characters are over the age of 18 and this is work of complete fiction, merely a fantasy that may become reality for Marissa and Norman. Sexy lingerie porn videos.