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Everything is already well, – the man assured.
– You are lucky that Yunona Georgievna noticed your awakening and called me.
– Where I am? – Eugene found that he could speak.

“You are in the hospital,” said the doctor, and taking Eugene’s wrist, held him for several seconds, whispered something to Yuna.
– In the shirt were born.
Just three days in a coma.
Your car got under the truck.
But you have – no scratches, only a strong bruise of the head.
Lie still.
Yunona Georgievna will sit with you.
With these words he came out.
– Your name is Juno? – asked Eugene.
Now he realized that she was a nurse.
But eyes, face, figure.
That was his Yuna! Inomirianka.
Thoughts are confused.
Yes – she smiled a familiar smile.
“But please call me just Yuna.”
“Good,” Yevgeny whispered.
Closing his eyes, he felt a small tender hand lay on his forehead.
My name is Sarah Konovalova, I am 24, and until today, and I never thought about my future.
I was driving in a car along a deserted highway, it was about ten in the evening, a breeze was blowing in my open window, from the switched on radio, there was music.
Suddenly, in front, I saw a flash of bright blue light.

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Lightning, I thought.
The flash repeated.
Again, and again.
Finally, it became continuous.
Just a bright light blue light on the road.
Without any source.
When it was about twenty meters from the light, I stopped the car, and got out, better see the source of the strange glow.
A huge luminous ball hung above the ground, and lightning danced around it.
This went on for a few seconds.
And then a bright flash, as in a nuclear explosion, which I have never seen, and.
everything disappeared.
After the flash, my eyes did not immediately get used to the darkness.
Sarah Konovalov? – I heard.
Finally, I got used to the darkness surrounding me, and was able to see that one.
what was in front of me.
Sarah Konovalov? – repeated it.
And in front of me stood absolutely naked man, suspiciously similar to Tom Cruise.
He was completely naked, but that was not what struck me.
Between the legs he had (!)

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As many as three members, each measuring at least 45 cm.
I was shocked.
Who are you? – I asked.
– Where do you know me from? What do you need? I come from the future, Sarah.
From the future that you need to prevent.
To me? And this scarecrow, ala-Tom Cruise began his story: After 5 years, 5 months, and four and a half hours, this world will change.
People will become slaves.
They will rule KPS.
KPS? – I asked.
Communists Against Sex, he explained.
“The world will be captured by the Russians.”
They organize a party KPS, and prohibit fuck anyone who does not belong to the party.
Nineteen and a half years later, from this day, your son, Petya Konovalov, will arrange an orgy of insurgents, Anti-KPS, on Red Square, and will overthrow the Russian power over the world. Online sex video movie. Sexi live video.

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