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She found a single rhythm in which the middle finger of one hand in her ass moved, the middle and index finger of the other hand in her vagina and the thumb of the same hand on the clitoris.
Both her hands made sharp movements inward, while the thumb gently massaged the clitoris, sending dazzling convulsions of pleasure through the body.
For the first time in that time, she spoke in a passionate whisper: “Well.

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The girl stops hearing and seeing everything around her: her jet is now silently pouring out of her palm, you can only hear a slight whistling of a small hole, from which a stream wide for her is lashed out (and the girl, hiding her flaming face with a free, dry and clean palm, wholeheartedly hopes that those who are not seeing her, who are near her, but, fortunately, do not see her draenei, will accept this quiet whistle for the howling of a breeze tickling the leaves of trees), from the burning shame, she darkens in her eyes, she loses her head, almost ceases to understand, what is she doing, Only hot urine, washing the hand, does not allow her to faint.
Quickly filling her palm, and, not having time to flow out of the triangular shape made up by the girl’s middle, index and ring fingers, the unbridled water element, not giving rest to the draeneic either inside or outside, begins to look for other exits, overflows over the edge, leaks through loosely clenched fingers.

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“Praise Naaru, no one heard,” the girl will calm herself, when her bladder, having stopped torturing her mistress, finally becomes empty and light, the trickle is interrupted, and all the pains inside her stomach will subside, and the girl will breathe with relief.

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