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“I walked slowly along the main avenue, sneaking admiring glances at the passing guys: they all seemed cute and worthy of my love! Sit on the last bench to stop, I slowly and tastefully drank a bottle of beer.
Nearby, in the public garden, at the fountain and near the cafes, noisy hangs out, as usual, and a couple of lovers and passers-by were resting on the benches.
Gradually creeping twilight, and from the river came the whiffs of a gentle breeze.

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His head was spinning, and his eyes were covered with blue gloom.
I just heard Slavka get up, rustled with something, water flowed, and then I felt cool about him, it opened the window, and the winter air slipped from the window sill and began to crawl across the floor.
Thoughts and strengths returned, and with them ease in the soul.

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The girls sat down on the sofa and waited: I hesitated: the member was rather big and stood: I quickly took off my jeans and underwear: They looked at him: not taking their eyes off! And you can: can you touch it? Can.
Anya took the head with her cold little handle, the member even more tensed and moved slightly towards her.
WOW! Do you know how to use it? Of course! We are not virgins at all: but we only fucked twice: and did not understand anything.

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Anya squatted down and began to work: slightly spreading his tight buttocks and bringing her nose closer to the anus, she inhaled such a familiar, stuffy, musty scent of feces.
Sticking out her tongue, she licked her lips and began by gently and deeply kissing the anus, who at once shuddered along with her master.
She wrapped her hands over his hips and with a force ran her tongue from the perineum – the base of the testicles to almost a falcon

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