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” She continued, “I want thick red, painful lines over my ass. Black man and evansville girl sex couples.
You will have to handcuff me to the chair so I don’t move and blindfold me, so I don’t see the cane coming down hard.
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I want to be treated like a very bad girl, who needs to be severely punished.
” “Wow,” said Tom.
“Won’t that be very painful though?” “Yes, it will, and I might not be able to sit down all day.
It is what I fantasise about, though.
” It was getting late now and both of them were tired, they didn’t want to go to sleep, yet.
“Do you know what would finish off this great day we have had together?” “No,” said Tom.
“I don’t.
” “I want you to gently remove all my sexy lingerie, then caress my body, then you will softly open my legs wide so I can put them around your waist.

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Then I want you to slowly enter me and make passionate love to me.
” “I would love to do that,” said Tom seductively.
They both could not remember the last time that they had had such a great day and it was only their first day together. Sex vedio chat no pay only me.
Chapter 1 Over the next ten minutes, the vibrator kept going in different patterns, softer, faster, slower, harder or pulsing.

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