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How could such a modern, young beauty could hammer the idea of ??vampirism into her head? Get carried away by her? Seriously preparing for a meeting with a vampire? To trap him? – Okay.
hush hush.
My lady.

– Nick smiled sweetly.
– I promise to be a good boy and chat with you about your problem.
By the way, who helped you drag me here? You would not have done it alone.
So there are other initiates? – Not.
no one knows about who you are.
I was helped by a homeless person.
I sometimes give him money, or food and medicine, so he immediately agreed to drag you here.
He knows all the moves and exits in the subway that are not monitored by video cameras.
I told him you.
that you are my boyfriend and that you cheated on me
so I decided to teach you a lesson.
Nick whistled and laughed.
– Well, the manners of modern youth! Oh! That is, kidnapped a person and everything is fine? However, what can be said about a girl who is friends with a bum! – Homeless, do you think – not people? – What are you.
People of course! But how! – Nick quipped.
“But now I’d never understand, why would a girl with a penchant for humanism and altruism suddenly become a bloodthirsty killer?” Do not you feel sorry for their potential victims? – BUT.
Is it necessary to kill those who drink blood? – With some reproach in the voice Mariana took an interest.
– Yes, how to tell you.
– Nick lips thoughtfully pursed and dreamily raised his eyes up.
– You see.
when you are very hungry.
and vampires go hunting only when they are very hungry, like all kinds of predators. Amateur webcam tits. Webcam lesbian piss hd.

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