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When it was time to go to bed, Zhenya, throwing a sheet on the couch, threw one pillow there.
Natasha grinned.

– And I? – And you’re on the couch.
– Here’s more news.
We are spouses.
– What do you want to run up in a week? – Why? – Because in a week we will be sleeping ass to ass.
– Not true.
“True,” Zhenya bent over the ottoman, tucking the sheet, Natasha came up behind her, sat on the floor with her back to the ottoman, and looked up.
– Oh, Zhen, what I see.
– What do you see.
– Arrange the legs.
– Close your eyes.
– You know, Zhen, that I like in a thirty-year-old woman? – What? – That she never lies.
– Well, get up.
Natasha looked at Zhenya in surprise and rose.
“Let’s kiss,” said Zhenya.
“That we all crawl along our genitals.”
Well? Hey.
“Hello,” said Natasha, throwing her arms around her shoulders.
They silently, attentively looked each other in the face.
“I love you,” whispered Natasha.
– I love your lips.
They kissed short, like birds.
“Give me your saliva,” said Zhenya.
Natasha smiled, made her lips a pipe and Zhenya, having covered them with wide lips, began to drink.
“It’s good that we are all the same,” said Natasha.
– We cling to each other and we don’t need to evaluate each other, you know: got up, did not get up.
Give, will not give.
Will rise again, will not rise.
Enough or not enough.
We are just

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good and the same.
You have a chest number five, and I have a third.
I have an elastic, and you have full.
You like elasticity, and I like fullness.
Your lips are clear and wide, and my lips are plump and the upper one protrudes.
And we love it.
My eyes are yellow, you have blue.
And they love each other.
I have blond hair and a knot.
You have a black mane.
My fingers are thin and long, they stroke your shoulders, and then hide between your breasts.

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Your fingers are strong, your hand is narrow, but large, you will squeeze my round hips with them and I will twist it into your ear.
– Let’s kiss.
– Come on.
Sasha was sitting in his apartment and thinking.
How did he not immediately guess? This girl.
He was just shocked when he saw her in Roma’s apartment.
A picture reappeared in my head: a wide white bed and a girl on it.
Her hands are thrown over her head, and her bare white breast rises to the beat of breathing.
Such a bold and at the same time touching pose, hair scattered around the pillow.
Her name, it seems, Xenia.
And then Roma slammed the door, cutting him off from the sight of this spectacle, and put it out, without even explaining anything.
In Sasha, a wave of rage began to rise again.
She lived with him for four days and during this period he never saw his friend.
Roma spent all the time with her.
What the heck? Sasha remembered how they met Roma.
It was two years ago.
Sasha came to Kiev from a small village to come.
He was still completely green and did not understand anything in life.
Luckily in his course, he met a guy.
Despite his 31 years, he looked much younger.
He already had his own firm and earned very good money, but whether out of boredom, or from the desire to remember his student years, he went back to school.
They became friends, and Roma showed Sasha a completely new world for him: dear cars, beautiful girls, club life.
In the euphoria of all these sensations, Sasha almost lost his head.
And then at one of the parties he met a girl Alina.
Falling in love before losing his pulse, he did not see anyone or anything around.
She seemed to him an ideal, the embodiment of sincerity and beauty.
Confident that he had found his fate, he offered her hand and heart.
And she.
Sasha did not experience such humiliation in life.
She did not just laugh at him – she instantly destroyed the whole, as it turned out, illusory world that he had built around him.
Probably at that moment he became a cynic.
Roma repeated more than once that all these hand-written beauties of a penny do not stand, and you cannot force him to marry him under the gun.
Women are needed only for sex, for the soul there are friends – they will not betray.
Sasha understood how right his friend was.
Since that time, girls have become just entertainment.
And now his friend fell into a trap.
Lord, how did Sasha not understand right away? When that weekend Roma came in the morning, he guessed who was missing, but did not pay much attention. Bigo live sex cam. Latina sex hidden cam.

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