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Her breasts shuddered again.
Eugene swallowed.
With difficulty collected his thoughts.

“Yevgeny,” he finally introduced himself, continuing to devour her figure with his eyes.
Moonlight made the stranger even more mysterious, it seemed that her skin glowed from the inside.
Puzzled Eugene could not understand who she was and how she ended up in his apartment.
The only thing that he understood so far – Yuna was a very unusual girl.
“I am Eugene, this is my home, I live here,” he circled the room with

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his hands, without taking his eyes off the girl’s body.
“It’s strange, but where does she come from, and how did she get into the apartment, and why was she naked.
and in general – why? – He thought, guessing.
– crazy? Again – how did you find yourself in the apartment? And not like, like, crazy.
The question of getting into the apartment seemed key.
In second place was the question of natural behavior, despite the fact that she was naked.
Can not girls, ordinary girls behave this way! And who can? Scraps of thoughts were spinning in my head – sheer fantasy.
Well, not an alien, in the end? Rave! Seeing his confusion, Yuna smiled again and waved her hand to him as if soothing.

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Her breasts again swayed seductively, and her stomach tightened for moments, outlining the sensual contour.
– No, not from another country, and not from another planet.
And on the other hand, – she extended her palms facing the floor, and then turned one of them upside down.
“On the other hand,” she repeated with pressure, as if from this he had to understand everything.
I looked at Eugene, and, seeing that he did not understand anything, she added: – It is difficult.
It is hard to imagine.
But do not be afraid, I will not cause you harm and anxiety.
She took a little step to the side, and the moonlight illuminated her well below the waist.
Tiny ass and.
Eugene saw her lips, tender, small, barely protruding, and with horror felt how, sticking out his panties, his member came to life treacherously.
Yuna saw it too.
She rounded her eyes and exclaimed, pointing at her panties.
– Rapid change, abnormal growth, wrong! It is necessary to the healer! Urgently! At the same time on her face reflected such a genuine fright, as if she at least saw a bloody wound in front of her.
Embarrassed, Eugene tried to fix the wrong member who got up on time, but did not achieve much success.
The briefs continued to puff up.
“No need for a doctor, everything is fine,” he assured her and muttered in a low voice: “Of course, there will be a quick change if such a girl is naked.”
You would have played with the nipples, and with your finger would have spent a finger on the lips, surely, you would also see a quick eruption.
– Eruption? – the fallen voice responded girl.
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