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Now don’t freak out, but the other method involves taking the semen into your mouth, and then holding it there and swirling it around for as long as possible.
” “If you swallow it too quickly, there won’t be much absorption, and the stomach acids will destroy the hormones. Mature lady sex.
So, what we suggest is that after holding the semen for as long as possible, you swallow it slowly in small increments.

That way it keeps the throat and esophagus coated for a long time and allows good absorption. Inavate free webcam chatt.
All of the other ladies have tried this with good results.
” That method seemed really yucky to me, and I said, “But, Reverend, I’ve never even sucked Ed’s dick, much less letting him ejaculate into my mouth. Hot porn cam.
I’m just not sure I could ever do something like that.

What convinced those other women to do it?” Then Tomas responded, “Some of the other ladies were squeamish at first about taking a strange penis into their vaginas, and the oral method seemed less like cheating on their husbands. Quincy il bi horny wives.
But once they tried it, all of them enjoyed the taste and texture of the semen and the improvement in their moods.

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