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I moved slowly in and out resisting the urge to plunge in, she wrapped her legs round me tightly and gripped the flesh of my buttocks.
“It’s okay darling,” she said as she kissed me, “I’m not a doll you know, fuck me baby, fuck me hard and deep.
” I started moving faster and she held me tightly urging me on with whispered obscenities.
“Your cock’s right up my fucking arse darling, you dirty little fucker you.
” “I’m going to pull out mum,” I gasped, “but I want you to sit on me.
” “Ooh yes,” she grinned, “That sounds fucking good.
” I pulled out and hurriedly sat on the couch, mum put both feet up beside me and lowered herself down.
“Oh fuck yes, oh my sweet Jesus.
” I felt it sink in further, seemingly stretching her rectum, mum was sobbing with lust, her own weight forcing her down onto my straining cock, we heard Anne coming down stairs and I nearly came as we both saw her walking into the lounge.

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I wondered, for one brief moment if I would black out or even die from pleasure.
Then, even those thoughts were driven from me as I felt her peeling my rubber panties roughly off my hips, leaving them pulled taught half way down my thighs, as my orgasm finally began to crest… She struck me again, this time using my bare ass as a canvass, Each blow controlled, measured, perfectly landed to leave a burning stripe of pain, marking me as hers, and hers alone, at least that’s how I saw it. Xxxporn chat.

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