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Sometimes I think It’s time for me to go To say goodbye To let you go Sometimes I think I can’t do it anymore The hurt you cause The lack of emotion you show Sometimes I think Just try one more time It will get better Just one more time Sometimes I think How can I do this again How can I continue When this is the common end Sometimes I think How can I let him go How can I live without him This man who is in my soul Sometimes I think He will come around He will see what he has in me He will know what he’s found Sometimes I think It cannot be fixed It is what it is Can I really live like this Sometimes I think Oh he really does care Then this happens again And your no longer there Sometimes I think He just does not care Then you echo my thoughts And still I am here Sometimes I think It’s just too far gone That the hurt, betrayal Has finally just won Sometimes I think Don’t walk away You know you love him Just ask him to stay Sometimes I think I think way too much All I ever desire Is your loving touch Sometimes I think Just leave it to him If he wants you He will return Sometimes I think God what should I do Why can’t you want me The way I want you.

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He watched her shudder as he gave her clit one last flick as he pulled his hand away.
“How about a dance, sweetheart?” he asked as he swirled his already wet finger in his drink before he stuck it in his mouth to savor the flavor of the combination of her and the whiskey.
“I think I would enjoy that very much!” She told him as she slid out of the booth, careful not to expose herself to the people around them. So_sexxxy afghani girl xxx six vidoes.

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