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Ann lifted her leg to allow me access and I slowly slid into her an inch at a time.
This had to be the most erotic moment of my life, slowly fucking my wife with a gorgeous blond pressed against my back. Mature ebony women in medina minnesota.
I didn’t know if it is the moment or the blow I had received from the bottle earlier but my head was spinning.
“Ahhh, I missed this,” Ann said breathlessly as I picked up the pace and squeezed her nipples. Crotch drunk pantie pantie underwear undies upskirt vag.
Linda whispered in my ear, “Save some for me big boy.
” It occurred to me that I have never fucked Ann in this position before.
She enjoyed the pumping, free of my weight on her.
I could feel her tightening around my shaft, knowing she is getting ready to cum. Jillian aidra.
Our bodies were sweating with passion, as I continued pumping her with short strokes.
“That’s it, don’t stop, ohhhh I’m cumming.
Soooo good.
” Ann gasped.
After lying still for a while, letting Ann calm down from her intense orgasm I asked her, “Do you mind if I fuck Linda now?” “Go right ahead.

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It will just save me clean up.
” I pulled out and rolled over facing Linda cupping her cheeks in my hands and pulling her mouth to mine.
It seemed we just picked up where we left off this morning before all the drama unfolded. Canadian naked virgin.
Our kissing was passionate.
I kissed her lips and then her neck, lightly nipping her ear lobe.
Then I started kissing her shoulders and her milky white breasts, sucking her nipples in turn.
I continued my quest, kissing my way to her flat belly just above her mound. Girls dates couples massage fort lauderdale.
The scent of her arousal was driving me crazy.
I parted her legs to gain access to her pussy.
I licked her wetness tasting the nectar of her arousal, and I used the tip of my tongue to explore her erect little button. Cam girl squirting.
Linda shook with a tremble when I flicked her clit with my probing tongue.
“Ohhhh that feels soooo good!” moaned Linda.
“Fuck me Mike!

Fuck me!” I didn’t need convincing as I got onto my knees, and pulled her up, positioning myself behind that gorgeous rounded butt. Who is chelsie hightower dating 2016.
Ann was resting on her side watching the show.
Wiping the head of my cock in her natural lubricant, I slowly pushed into her ready opening, her pussy stretched to accommodate my size.
“Ahhhh,” Linda cried out. Cuple cams.
I reached out and got a hand full of her beautiful silky blond hair and simultaneously pushed harder seeing my cock disappear into her fully, bottoming out against her cervix.
Linda was moaning her sounds of pleasure as I pumped her harder, with her pushing back on me. Secret feet cum.
We are working together in unison toward a common goal.
Ann was now squeezing Linda’s breasts and kissing the corner of her mouth.

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