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He was right; it was semen; semen I had put there from the pot hidden in my backpack; semen from my two lovers.
“And what about this?” he demanded, holding up a rumpled bedsheet with an equally crispy stain in its middle. Online free sex chat.
“It’s the guest room undersheet where she wouldn’t expect anyone to look.
That’s a semen stain too, Robbie.
And there was a used condom stuck half way round the U-bend in the bathroom toilet.

” “Johnny.
I don’t know what to say,” I stammered again, pleased with the effect I had been able to achieve on the sheet with a mixture of the remaining semen and my own freshly-produces juices. Sexy young upskirt.
“How long has this been going on? Who is he? Or should I ask who are they?” But there was no opportunity for me to reply because at that moment his leg banged into the desk, the whole table rocked, the computer’s mouse moved and the screen spring into life.

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Johnny span round in surprise then snarled at me.
“Now we’ll see what’s really going on!” He sat down on the desk’s hard chair and set to work frantically on the computer.

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