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She is going to eat your sweet pussy.
” I heard Nina plop her hands on Sherri’s butt, and then Sherri closed her eyes too.
“Oh, your step-mom is eating me out now, Erin.
Holy shit, her tongue is slick and tickling me too.
” “I know, now kiss me.
” We brought our lips together again, and I pushed my palms on her jugs too. De gay negros orgias.
All the while, I felt her moving around due to Nina having her way with Sherri’s snatch.

I surely didn’t know what all she was doing, but after thirty seconds, I noticed Sherri couldn’t exactly kiss me back.
“Oh, your step-mom is amazing. Gay dating in kanab utah.
Have you ever eaten pussy before, Nina?” “No, never,” Nina answered.
I pushed Sherri up, so she was straight up, and then I peeked down at Nina, working on her new pussy-eating skills.
My jaw nearly dropped as I saw Nina moving her tongue around on Sherri’s cunt like a lesbian queen.
“Oh, yes, spread out her lips as far as they will go and stick your tongue deep in there too, Nina.

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She loves that and tease her clit too.
You’re a woman, so you’ll figure out how to please her, but Sherri is a special lady, so you have to treat her right.
” “Okay, but shut up now,” Nina ordered me.

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