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Three males fucked her in three holes, took a long time, with feeling and poured out almost simultaneously.
Volodya finished first, there was a squishing sound, Olga cope with the next portion of sperm, then Lyosha stopped and the last one groaned Pasha.
Olga was completely filled with the sperm of these men.

White fluid poured out of two holes, and the spouse herself was lying on the bed in utter exhaustion.
She raised herself up and uttered.
Let me go to the toilet? Dear, ”said Pavel,“ for this night you are in our complete submission, and you will do only what we allow for you. ”
You understood? Olga shook her head affirmatively.
Do you want to undermine or pee? – Pasha asked again.
Pee, – quietly said Olga.
Well, guys are doing a lady.
Two took Olga in their arms, and Pasha took out a digital camera.
Having brought Olga into the bath, they put her inside the enamelled trough by spreading her legs wide and paring her lips.
Pasha took aim at the camera.
Olga was terribly embarrassed, but the desire to write was irresistible, and at first one was shy, and behind her, and another, more confidently, a trickle poured from her bosom.
Pasha clicked continuously, and as soon as Olga finished, he himself washed her crotch.
In the same way she was transferred back to bed.
Such holes should not stagnate, – said Alexey and with these words he took an artificial member out of the bag.
The size of a member stunned me, it was about 50 centimeters in length and 10 centimeters in diameter.
To begin, we will develop a pussy, and then ass, – said the torturer.
Olga was put on cancer and ordered to spread her butt with her hands in different directions.
The member entered the vagina completely, no more than 10 centimeters left outside.
Leaving her spouse in this position, the whole trio joined me.
We drank whiskey and looked at Olga, who received.

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unforgettable impressions of the humiliation that was being done to her at the moment.
After 10 minutes, Volodya approached Olga, who was standing with cancer, and abruptly pulled out an artificial member.
The size of the hole struck me deeply.
Like I have never seen.
Having pulled out a lubricant for anal sex from a bag, Volodya plentifully greased his penis and anus, tried on it and abruptly once drove this latex monster into a neat Holguin hole.
Olga groaned, but a sharp pain suddenly gave way to a feeling of bliss.
At first, not sharply, slowly, Volodya began to make progressive movements in Olga’s ass with the vibrator, driving his member deeper into deeper and deeper.
When he began to slide almost without obstacles, he dramatically pulled him back.
The size of the anus struck even more than the size of the vagina.
Hole was that necessary.
Volodya lay on his back, and put Olga on a member with a developed anus with his back to himself, Alexey who came up came in with his member.
Olga was taken at the same time by two males into one small hole, into which, by the way, I was not always allowed, and here.
And, judging by the moans, she definitely liked it.
Pasha busily took up his wife’s mouth, taking Olga by the head and trying to drive his instrument as far as possible.
When he finished, he apparently drove the member so deeply that Olga coughed, and part of the seed fell on Volodya.
Alexey and Volodya finished almost at the same time, Pasha brought a glass to the priest and collected the sperm flowing down.
Then, taking Olga by the head, he brought a glass to her lips and made sure that not a drop was left on the bottom.
After all this execution, Olga was given a short respite.
The guys were sober and tired, and Olga wanted more.

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of them took the phone and went into the bathroom.
After 5 minutes, he returned with a conspiratorial look.
Within an hour, they almost completely recovered, and everything continued at the same pace.
Olga was driven, an empty bottle of champagne, they took both in the ass and in the vagina, finished in the mouth and always forced to suck dick.
The call to the room rang unexpectedly.
Volodya rushed to open.
A man of about forty entered the room.
Seeing naked Olga, he went to the table, poured himself a drink and with a gesture asked to let Olga down.
The guys took her by the arms and led her to a stranger.
He dropped her on his knees, just like Pasha and pulled out a member.
It was something.
I have never seen this size.
He was at least sixty centimeters and in diameter as a can of sprat.
Olga herself did not immediately understand what it was.
When she understood and felt, she ran a fright across her face.
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