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“I hope you won’t splash so much water in me,” Lenka said to Maksimka standing in front of her.
– I can hold, – suggested Nastya.
– Do not, – Lenka refused, – I can cope with a three-year-old.

– You put on the hook, like Sasha? – I sly winked at my friend.
– Only if it is capricious, – Lenka smiled.
Nastya and Ksyusha giggled softly.
“So your doctor just feels the testicles.”
Older boys are not only feeling them, but in addition they tickle slightly to check one of

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the reflexes – they have forgotten the name.
– Right.
I heard that the boys test reflexes in exactly this way – by tickling.
– If I knew that she was going to tickle Alyosha’s testicles, I would certainly warn her about his reaction to tickling.
And in general, I don’t understand why she needed Alyosha to feel there, as a kindergarten student.
He and so doctors with nurses hesitate, and here it is.
“But your boy got her revenge,” the first mother smiled.
– You’re laughing, but then I was not laughing.
So for Alyosha blushed.
True, the doctor reacted with understanding – did not say anything.
Just advised to go to the urologist.
“So that’s why you took him to the urologist,” the first mother guessed, “Before that, she probably didn’t attach much importance to wet pants.
– Well, he is not written several times a day, like your Tema, – the second woman nodded at the rosy-cheeked toddler sitting in the wheelchair.

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“How interesting,” I thought, “And Sasha’s mother mentioned something similar: that he had just recently started talking about tickling.”
I smiled, remembering Sasha’s face, full of crimson shame.
So I begged my mother not to talk about his embarrassment.
Julia still squealed at me, so as not to giggle.
Well, I did not know that this is such a serious problem.
But now, after what I had suffered from a boy for a week, I was not a bit sorry for him.
“And the piquant Sasha’s problem will only be on hand to me,” I grinned. “It will be necessary to check whether he really has such a reaction to tickling.”
The easiest way to do this during one of the children’s procedures is to use a diaper rash cream.
All babies have difficulty tolerating it – especially boys.
It will be fun if he tickles from the trickle.
I giggled, presenting Sashin a fountain of surprises.
Another sight is a seven-year-old boy who writes during children’s procedures like a baby.
It took a couple of days, which seemed like an eternity to me – I was so impatient that Julia left as soon as possible.
“Well, finally” – I sighed when I saw my sister take a big bag and walked to the door.
– Where is your Lena? – Julia asked anxiously, looking at her watch.
“Now she will come,” I replied, “Going on your cruise and don’t worry about anything.”
– B brought it up to date.
– Do not wait Lenka.
You’re late for the train.
“Good,” Julia agreed with a sigh, heading for the door.
Saying goodbye to my sister, I closed the door behind her and returned to the “nursery”, where I began to observe Sasha.
“How soundly I sleep,” I grinned, remembering what I had to put Sasha to bed for an hour ago. Trap cam porn. Every day, the same thing: “I’ve been sleeping for a great day.”
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