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So it turns out I myself am also to blame for punishing him for this filth? Of course, this should not be encouraged, but punishing him for this is also not a good way out.
It is better to talk to him, as people say: about birds, about dogs.
– And Baba Masha slyly winked at Tatiana and that overwhelmed with the

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educational urge went to talk with Yura.

But her courage evaporated in direct proportion to the distance to the door of the apartment “Yet I myself am guilty, abandoned the child, and now I am surprised that he grew up!”.
She did not dare to start a conversation until the very end, and only when, hopelessly trying to sleep, she heard that her son was turning and not sleeping, she called him.
Yura, go to your mom.
– But Yura did not answer.
“I told someone: come to me, we need to discuss what happened yesterday,” Tatyana demanded.
Yura went to the bed: this time he was in shorts and a t-shirt.
Tatyana, raising the edge of the blanket, offered to climb up to her.
Sorry for yesterday, but you, too, should not be so carried away by such literature, that you hide it right under the pillow.
Of course, I am also good: I did not give you enough time.
But believe me – I love you very much.
After all, we only have a family left that I, you, yes, grandfather.
She firmly hugged her son by the neck and kissed him first on the forehead, and then on the Adam’s apple.
Yura was lying next to her, without stirring.

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Tatiana felt the power of love for her son, she wanted to cover all his body with kisses, to stroke his back, buttocks.
Moreover, on her part, these desires had absolutely no sexual motivation.
She more and more attracted her son to herself.
Tatiana did not even notice that tightly hugging her son, she strongly pressed her thigh to his intimate organ.
Yura is very noticed.
He felt excited nipples pressed to him, elastic hip, squeezing his penis, he heard the rapid breathing of a young woman, and also caught the intoxicating aroma of the female body, which awakened in him incomprehensible feelings.
The duality of the situation stimulated male arousal, which he has not yet learned to control.
The most unpleasant thing for Jura in all of this was that the young man’s member began to strain uncontrollably in a response impulse of tenderness.
After all, he always missed his mother.
Living with a woman and a grandfather, he spent long evenings, he dreamed of being near his mother: in the same bed, and what would she tell him for the night of a fairy tale, stroking him and caressing him.
But he has entered that age when the desire of maternal affection is already beginning to be replaced by the call of the flesh of a young male.
Feeling how his penis suddenly began to strain, he was afraid that his mother would notice the movement occurring in his underpants.
However, he could not make an effort to free himself from the embrace of his mother.
The wave of pleasure that swept over covered the guy, and he, with horror, felt that his dick was being discharged by a volley of hot sperm pouring directly into panties.
Hip Tatiana suddenly felt the overflowing moisture on her son’s underpants.
In perplexity, she opened her arms, releasing the guy.
A terrible guess lightning flashed in her mind.
So you really can’t control yourself? Son squeezed voice, barely able to squeeze out: No.
– A little later, in a voice bursting with tears, he shouted: when I feel good and pleasant, I urinate and I.
can’t do anything with that.
do about it.
Tatiana hugged her son again, wiping his cheeks from her tears with her other hand. Teen girl naked live cam. Hairy teen webcam masturbation.

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