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I swallowed everything up to the drop, and the rest I began to strain out playing with the tongue with the nipple.
Tanya tensed, then started and sobbed.
Tears fell on my chest.

-What are you beautiful? – I’m sorry, I’m crying.
It has never been so good.
A wife appeared in the doorway.
– I see you have achieved what you wanted, she looked at us with interest.
– Ok, I don’t mind, I even like it, I want to look from the outside, it excites me.
Only three of us will fuck, I’m the hostess here.
Tanya looked at her sister, turned to me and smiled and said: -Well, will you sit like this or will we start? I got up, went to Kate: -My dear, what does this mean? -I knew everything about you, but was not going to share.
And now, when you’re my whole, you can have fun.
Tanya and I used to masturbate each other, but today we need you! You do not want to caress me? I am burning with desire! I realized that today is a happy day! I carefully removed the robe from his wife, began to kiss and stroke her all over her body.
She dug into my lips and we knelt, then I laid her on the floor on my back and began to go down to her pussy with gentle kisses.

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She exhaled deeply and closed her eyes and smiled in bliss.
Tanya also took off her robe and bent over Katya, becoming to lick her nipples and play with their tongue.
I dug into the coveted slit, ran my tongue over the petals of the sponges, and began to collect the nectar flowing from my wife’s pussy with my tongue.
She opened her mouth and bent her knees.

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I held the tongue from the bottom up, scooping the nectar like a spoon, then began to penetrate deeper into the opened slit.
Tanya, meanwhile, began to drive her breasts over Katya’s breasts, leaving a wet trace of milk.
Wife, realizing that the traces remain from the breasts of her sister pulled her to her and dug into her nipple.
Tanya immediately moaned, and I have from this picture a member pulled the pants up to the stop.
The girls were fascinated by the process, getting excited more and more, Tanya began to whisper to her sister, – Let my dear suck me, you do it so well.
I took off the panties, Tannin ass was right in front of me.
Without thinking twice, I parted the magic halves and an unmatched sight turned my head.
With slim figure, Tanya was not a thin butt! She bent her back so that the dark anus of her looked up, and her wide pubis with shaved and already wet pussy opened before me, and beckoned me to her! I fell down to her vagina and began to open her petals with my tongue, while not forgetting to collect abundant nectar from my sister.
I used the tongue to play with her lips, and then inserting the tongue deeper, I started to hold them up from above, against the perineal wall near the anus, and down to the wall near the clitoris, and slid my tongue on the clitoris. Sexy lingerie models porn. Jeffs models lesbian.

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