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In no case.
– I wailed, trying to get out from under it.
Although I drank pills, I didn’t want to fly from the first comer, even with such a tool.

The girl, passing the camera to Denis, rushed to our aid.
I crawled away to the side, and she turned her grandfather on his back and wrapped her arm around her penis and started nadrachivat him.
Looking at Denis, I gave him a sign and grabbed a swimsuit, we quietly hid behind a stone barrier.
Immediately dressed, we took things and gave a tear.
Morning has not much improved our condition.
Neither at breakfast, nor on the way to the beach, no one recalled yesterday’s incident, but something like that was still in the air.
Until the very lunchtime, we expected all possible troubles, but nothing happened.
I decided that maybe it all worked out.
After returning home for dinner, we also had a nap, waiting for the most evil sun, and towards evening we again went to the beach.

It was then, at the alley, that he intercepted us.
I immediately realized that this is the same man yesterday.
Indeed, the face, as they say, is of Caucasian nationality, short, bald, with a big belly.
Unpleasant, in general, type.
– Let’s go! – he pulled Aunt Luda by the hand – Pagavary.
She did not argue, probably recognized him too.
Moving away from us about five meters away, the peasant was cramming something for a long time.

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We were hard to hear, only occasionally came fragments of words – “with a minor,” “article,” and something else threatening.
Lekhina’s mother listened more, responding occasionally shortly, but did not try to leave.
Finally, having agreed on something, the Caucasian rather slapped her on the ass and disappeared into the bushes.
Aunt Luda returned to us.
– Mom, what is he? – Oh, guys.
– she sighed – I fell.
He says the prison for me crying for the corruption of minors.
Plant threatens.
Breshhet of course about the plant, but blood can spoil.
– Well, he was not suitable for this? – Lech realized – What does he want? Of money? – If.
What do you want a peasant from a woman? – she sighed again sadly – In general, he said that she would come to visit me in the evening.
– Mom, and maybe run away? Right now? On a minibus – and all? Delov something! – Will not work.
He warned about it.
And here I believe him.
She smiled sadly and patted Lech on the head.
“Okay, I’ll endure it somehow.”
Enough of this, let’s go.
The rest of the day was ruined.

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Without the pleasure of mumbling on the beach, we returned home earlier than usual.
Aunt Luda several times offered us to go for a walk for the duration of the expected visit, but Lech resisted.
– Mom, what are you doing? So I do not know you with whom left? Is there anything to expect from him? Maybe he is a maniac what? – Leshenka.
– she persuaded – He will not back down from her.
And I can not with you.
But Lech braced himself to death.
In the end we stayed at home.
The guest arrived late, and not even one.
“This is my nephew,” he explained, and noting Aunt Lyuda’s changed face, added, “Don’t be afraid, he will just sit for the company, you will not be touched.”
The nephew looked very much like his uncle in his youth.
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