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It is clear that the only item of clothing that I could take off was a beacon! After all, without heels, my legs would no longer look so seductive, and without shorts my surprise would have opened!
But now Yura was staring at my breasts, and in such a way that it became clear and understandable – the guy saw a naked female breast for the first time.
However, in the next round, Christina won back the advantage, losing and removing her bra.

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They think in vain that prostitutes are not interested in anything other than clients.
It’s as if all our thoughts are focused on one thing: how to get a better client and to be wealthy.
So, being professional prostitutes, we dare reassure that deep error.

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And it will hurt you as much as you could never even imagine.
Ash explained all this in the most ordinary way, as if telling someone how to change a tire on a wheel.
I could not believe my ears, and from the tone with which he pronounced it, my frost was over my skin, and something empty and dead was turning in my stomach.

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