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I saw droplets of cold sweat streaming down his face, giving out strong emotion, and it was clear that at the whim of a female who had girdled, and also taking pictures with a camera (!) Above us, in the neuropathologist’s office, the most humiliating of all that you can imagine for young man.
The doctor apparently realized that the newspaper woman could model the plots for all the new “pornography” for an infinitely long time and casually announced: – “So guys! Take your personal affairs and go to the next room! ”We both readily pressed the warm binder to the body, finally covering our own shame, and went after each other to the next door.
When we left, a familiar invitation team for new ones was heard after us: “Two, without panties!” I wonder how the journalist will behave – will they stay for taking pictures of the next “nudes” or will they drag further? Not!.

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