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Green and purple – a classic combination just for a picnic.
However, when the Lady had a flawed manicure or pedicure? Just watch and admire this miracle.
But why just admire? I smacked the fingers on one leg with passion, but the Mrs. with a laugh pulled back the leg, making it clear that I still had to deserve to kiss her feet.

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“Sorry, but as far as I can tell, are you not a virgin?” – This is my mother’s vibrator tried, so in our time and the virgin deflorirovannymi meet.
And now I want to play with my gift, He is alive and does not tremble like a vibrator.
– And she gave herself entirely to the game with Huy.

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Katya, after spitting blood on the floor, prayed: -Your Majesty, forgive me, please, I will be your most devoted slave, just don’t beat me anymore.
She no longer resembled the self-assured, imperious Lady, who was just a few hours ago, she was beaten, humiliated, and resembled a slaughtered creature.
She realized that if Olgin’s conditions were not accepted now, then she could make her an invalid, and decided to play by Olgin rules for the time being to ease her fate, hoping to think of something later.

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