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Swaying milkings significantly affected my center of gravity and I had to move carefully, avoiding sudden movements.
Getting to this is hard to get used to.
“But when she signed the contract herself, she probably didn’t expect to become an obedient litter for the schoolchild,” I thought before dancing to my slut as a model on the catwalk, not without gloating.

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Sveta wanted to surrender to a whole flock of wild dogs, she wanted to put on a collar and meekly serve everyone who comes close to her.
Sveta moaned out loud.
She glanced at Victor standing behind the camera.

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And my husband will be back soon.
He: Bitch! She: I just explain to you.
(after a second, she feels like she is being pulled over a black blindfold, it frightens her even more) He: (unwraps the woman and gives her a slap) She: (screams) He: Hands forward! She: What? He: Folded hands forward, fucking bitch! She: What do you want from me ?? He: He stretched out his arms! (grabs her neck) She: (feels his hands clench her throat, tries to resist, says in a hoarse whisper) It hurts! (tears roll down her cheeks – she pulls out her arms) He: (takes her hands and ties up with a rope in the wrists) She: (feels like she is being carried somewhere, slightly stumbles, another second and she is thrown on the bed – she understands what is in his bedroom) A to t in r about th He: Where is the money! She: God !! I said that they are not here! Let me go!! He: (sits on top of her) She: (feels like something sharp touches your throat, she screams badly) He: I ask for the last time, bitch, where is the money? (Slap in the face.

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I beg you! – Balzhan bent in pain.
– How for what? And who mocked me this morning before the girls? – Irka, leaning her body on the victim and putting her hands under her breasts, put a finger into the vagina of the captive and began to rape the lady.
The excited Irka started kissing Balzhan on the neck, pawing her breasts with her free hand.

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