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I studied her whole body to the last hair – I knew exactly at what pace and how deeply you need to fuck her with a gag-phallus, I knew exactly how to lick her vagina, how she likes it when the tongue penetrates deep into her tightly compressed anus.
I saw her genitals even in a dream – in all details.
Once I even woke up from pain in my groin squeezed with plastic – I dreamed that she had her own, real member, which I greedily and with pleasure licked, swallowing hot sperm and plunging it deep into my slave throat.

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We completely undressed and, especially slowly, so that Ole could be clearly seen, I again began to thrust my member into the hole of her best friend.
With great excitement, I began to fuck Natasha, seeing that Olya was watching us and she was very excited about it.
She even stuck her hand under her robe and began to play with her already pussy, trying to look at us once again to have fun.

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Your choice in this case will stop a mature man and certainly older than me.
I will never be like Alla Borisovna Pugacheva, and I will not prefer a boy in pursuit of leaving youth just because he has everything AHEAD.
The strength of the relationship depends largely on the woman, her experience and readiness for diversity.

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And now, literally two days before the wedding ceremony, this little scum calls me, ostensibly to clarify something about the wedding.
I ,, fell for it, right away, but to observe decency I say, they say, but I will be busy in an hour.

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