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Seeing him, I wanted the same, albeit with minor changes.
In my opinion, the bodice should have been made of translucent fabric, and the neckline should have been taller, demonstrating the absence of panties.
I think, put it on me, and some of my familiar men would have ended from one of my kind, and women would burn with envy! When we dressed, Ritka kissed me passionately, then slapped me and announced that today she was Madame Margot for me, after which she wrote a slut with a marker on my stomach, put a dog collar on me with rivets and, having hooked a leash, led me to the dogs waiting for us.

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Do you have everything, now everyone has begun to express himself with metaphors so that there is more fog and no one immediately comes to the point? I myself, of course, understood that he resorted to such allegoricalness in order to somewhat soften the unusualness of his desire, which in our relations was news and could shock me.
I wanted to approach the variant of interest to him in a roundabout way so that in the event of a refusal to be able to more easily move back to the initial positions.
“Well, then,” I thought, “the main thing, as Napoleon said, is to join the battle, but it will be clear there.”

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Sensing the approach of the finale, I snatched the penis from the asshole of the raped slave and jerked her hair to put her on my knees.
Having thrust a member into the mouth of a slave who was twisted from orgasmic convulsions, I, after several movements, exploded and finished abundantly on her face.
After that, he watched with pleasure as a slave who had lost all pride twisted on the ground, squealing from lust, squeezing her hips and frantically tugging her ass.

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He admired: a slim girl, shamelessly spreading his legs, jumping on his penis, her pussy lips hanging down, huge breasts jumping! She so swung that the member is almost jumped out of the hole, apparently, she enjoyed the sensation when the head entering into it moves her flesh apart.
He began at the lowest point to give in to her very much, it seemed that he penetrated even deeper into it.
She was already moaning, he dipped his index finger and put it under her ass, so that every time he entered her anus a little bit.

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Without leaving the toilet, opened her eyes in surprise.
– Maybe once is enough? It seems to me that everything turned out to the end: Authoritative, non-objectionable in tone stated that it should be repeated, then it would definitely be better and, to stop the altercations, again filled Esmarch’s mug.
Polenka sighed, did not argue.

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